“Wok Aroma” Available to Every Household

“Wok Aroma” refers to heating food in a wok using intense heat which, together with the use of skillful stirring and tossing technique, infuses a scent of fragrance into the ingredients.German Pool’s new Automatic IH Stir-Fryer empowers every household to effortlessly obtain this Wok Aroma through automatic sautéing at home.

360° Self-Rotating Stir-Frying

The revolutionary 360° self-rotating function remedies the inadequacy of spatula frying and can thoroughly mix the sauce, seasoning and ingredients.

2200W Potent Power

The 2200W potent power enables rapid heat dispersion and transmission so that it only takes a few minutes* to prepare a delectable dish.

*Depends on the type and quantity of food

3D MultidirectionalIH Heating

The meticulously designed spherical inner pot and modern IH heating technology ensures food is constantly and evenly heated from every angle. There is absolutely no need to worry about overcooking or charring.

De-cluster Your Kitchen Space

Automatic IH Stir-Fryer is the perfect blend of pot and stove. With ultra-large inner pot capacity, it de-clusters the valuable space in your kitchen than typical pot & stove combinations.

The Power of the Meticulously Crafted Spherical Pot

Powerful Heat Convection

The Spherical Inner Pot seamlessly complements IH heating so that rapid, multidimensional heating is achieved. The cuisine will be exquisite with a tender texture and mouthwatering sensation.

Deep Inner Pot Design

The deep spherical pot prevents hot oil from spilling out of the pot. Not only does it reduce the chance of injury, it also helps trap the flavour of your food.

Selected Refined Steel

The inner pot is made of ultra-durable steel used in the auto industry, it has 30% more heat conducting capacity than stainless steel. It constitutes robust durability and energy efficiency.

6L Ultra-large Inner Pot

The colossal inner pot capacity helps to conveniently prepare the most flavourful dishes for the entire family and your valued guests.

Non-stick Teflon Coating

The non-stick Teflon coating ensures that even under high-temperature cooking, food residues will easily be loosen up with the help of a scoop.

6 Sophisticated Functions

The Automatic IH Stir-fryer is equipped with 6 preset cooking modes, namely “Pan-Fry”, “Stir-Fry”, “Stew”, “Rice”, “Glutinous Rice” and “Manual” which, combines with 7-level temperature settings (ranging from 65°C to 200°C), empower you to prepare international cuisines at optimal cooking temperature and time.





Glutinous Rice


Takes Home the Exclusive Chef-Quality Stir-Fry Skill

Takes Home the Exclusive Chef-Quality Stir-Fry Skill

Traditional Wok Cooking

Wok Tossing Causes Repetitive Strain Injury.

Automatic IH Stir-Fryer

360° Self-Rotation for Stress-Free Stir-Frying.

Traditional Wok Cooking

Blazing Flame Generates Pervasive Heat.

Automatic IH Stir-Fryer

Flameless IH Cooking brings about a comfy cooking environment.

Traditional Wok Cooking

Oily Fumes.

Automatic IH Stir-Fryer

Precise Temperature Control Minimizes Release of Oily Fumes.

Traditional Wok Cooking

Requires Painstaking Force for Serving.

Automatic IH Stir-Fryer

0 – 150° Inclination for Versatile Frying and Serving.

A Truly Ingenious Tool Designed for Stir-Frying

0°–150° Inclination

No matter it’s stir-frying or serving food, the revolutionary ultra-wide 0° to 150° inclination will allow you to flexibly perform these actions with incredible ease.

Sturdy Supporting

The sturdy supporting frame and 360° automatic rotation does not require painstaking force to perform wok tossing. You can now say goodbye to repetitive strain injury!

Touch-screen Panel

The touch-screen control panel comes with an extra-large display screen. Operation is simple and statuses are clearly shown.

Detachable Inner Pot

The detachable inner pot makes the appliance extra easy-to-clean.

Stir-fried Sliced Beef & Flat Rice Noodles

The IH technology ensures even distribution of heat. With the 360° self-rotation, a restaurant-level flat rice noodles dish can be easily created.

Scrambled Egg with Black Truffle

The non-stick Teflon coating prevents the egg from sticking to the pot and being overcooked, keeping the egg soft and creamy.

Mushroom Risotto

Rice is continuously tossed and stirred by just pressing a button. It only takes a few clicks to make a sought-after, master-level risotto dish.

Stir-fried Egg & Mock Shark Fin

The IH technology and refined steel material of the inner pot keep the mock shark fin dry. Sweet olive-shaped fried egg can also be easily created.

French Onion Soup

The traditional onion soup requires a continuous frying of onions for 30 minutes. The preset time function saves your time and energy.

Braised Abalone & Chinese Mushrooms

High temperature is first used to soften food texture. Low temperature is then used to absorb the sauce to bring out a rich flavour.

Sugar-glazed Popcorn

The deep inner pot design provides sufficient depth for corns to pop. The flexible inclination allows you to effortlessly remove the popcorn.

Unreservedly Emanate the Savour of International Cuisines

User-Friendly Features

Dual Steam Vents

Dual asymmetric steam vents relieve jet steam pressure, making the appliance safe to use.

Safety Feature

The appliance automatically shuts down upon overheating or jammed rotation.

Secure Lock Design

The secure lock design warrants the tight fastening of inner pot during its automatic rotation.

Powerful Cooling Fans

Dual powerful cooling fans permit extended cooking duration.

IH Flameless Cooking

IH flameless cooking makes your cooking process safe and reliable.



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



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What should I be aware of before using my new Automatic IH Stir Fryer for the first time?
Rinse and pat dry the inner pot before using for the first time. Grease the surface with cooking oil (except butter and lard) and let it sit overnight. Clean the inner pot thoroughly afterwards. This procedure is to be done only once. It helps prevent food from sticking.
What is the best way to clean the Automatic IH Stir-Fryer after cooking?
When it comes to mild and dry stains, the inner pot can be directly cleaned with a sponge or cloth and needs not to be taken out. If grease stain is present, add some water into the pot and clean it with a soft brush. Tilt the unit to pour out the dirty water and dry it with a clean cloth. If you wish to take out and rinse the inner pot, wrap the fringe with a towel and hold the pot with both hands. Rotate clockwise, take out and rinse with water. Attention: In any circumstances, always let the pot cool down before cleaning. Do not rinse with cold water immediately after cooking. Avoid using steel scrubbing balls.
What angles should I tilt the Automatic IH Stir Fryer to when I cook?
The heating coil is on the side of the main body of the Automatic IH Stir Fryer. Please adjust the inclination angles according to your desired cooking methods, so the ingredients are heated in the optimal way.
What mode should I use when pan-fry chicken wings with the Automatic IH Stir Fryer, and how long wil
Marinate the chicken wings for 2 hours. Select the "Pan-Fry" mode and set the time to 10 minutes. Press "Start". Heat up oil in the Automatic IH Stir Fryer. Put in the chicken wings (skin side down) and pan fry slowly. When the programme finishes, select "Pan-Fry" again. Flip the wings over, set the time to 5 minutes and press "Start". Serve when the programme finishes.
When cooking in high heat with the Automatic IH Stir Fryer, is there anything I need to know?
Make sure there is food or liquid inside the pot when using high heat or temperature.
What kind of food can the Automatic IH Stir Fryer make?
You can cook various types of food with your Automatic IH Stir Fryer. Be extra careful when handling ingredients with bones. Avoid cooking acidic food to protect the non-stick coating of the inner pot.
What type of utensils shall I use when cooking with the Automatic IH Stir Fryer? Can I use metal utensils?
Go for spatulas made of heat-resistant silicone, plastic or wood. Avoid using metal or sharp utensils to protect the non-stick coating.
The Automatic IH Stir Fryer seems to be not hot enough. What should I do?
The heating coil is on the side of the main body of the Automatic IH Stir Fryer. Please tilt the pot to heat the ingredients in the desired way.
What should I pay attention to when I make dishes with lots of liquid?
When the dishes contain a lot of liquid, avoid excessively tilting the unit downwards to prevent splattering.
What should I be aware of before using the Automatic IH Stir Fryer?
Prior to cooking, rotate the inner pot anticlocwise until it is securely fastened. Wipe the outside of the inner pot thoroughly to prevent malfunctioning.
Can I make fried rice with the Smart Stir Fryer?
Heat up oil in the Smart Stir Fryer. Select the ""Stir Fry"" mode and set the time to 4 minutes. Put in the beaten eggs, meat (shrimps or barbeque pork), cooked rice and soy sauce respectively. Close the lid and press ""Start"". Toss in the chopped spring onions when there is 1 minute left. Close the lid and wait until the programme completes. Serve.
Can I lift up the lid of the Stir Fryer while cooking?
Yes, you can lift up the lid anytime during the cooking process. Be careful not to touch the heating device or steam vent.
What should I be aware of before using the Smart Stir Fryer?
Prior to cooking, turn the stirrer by hand to ensure it can move smoothly. Make sure the inner pot is securely fastened. Wipe the outside of the inner pot thoroughly before inserting into the unit.
What mode should I use when pan-fry chicken wings with the Smart Stir Fryer, and how long will it ta
Marinate the chicken wings for 2 hours. Heat up oil in the Smart Stir Fryer. Put in the chicken wings (skin side down) and close the lid. Pan-fry for about 10 minutes. When the programme finishes, open the lid and flip the wings over. Close the lid again. Pan-fry for about 5 minutes. Serve when the programme finishes.
Can the IH Stir Fryer be used for cooking soups?
Yes. Just align the IH Stir Fryer straight up to prevent spillage.
How do I clean the IH Stir Fryer?
Let the inner pot cool down, hold with cloth and turn clockwise to unlock, take out and clean with soft sponge.
Can I use the IH Stir Fryer for steam-cooking?
It is not recommended to use the IH Stir Fryer for steam-cooking.
Can the IH Stir Fryer be used for deep-frying? What are some precautions when doing so?
Yes. Just align the IH Stir Fryer straight up to prevent oil spillage which can be dangerous.
How do I adjust the inclination of the IH Stir Fryer?
Just grab the body and tilt lightly to adjust the inclination.
When do I have to put on the lid?
A lid is recommended when using the IH Stir Fryer for steps like braising or boiling where steam has to be accumulated.

Selected Recipes

Stewed Oxtail in Red Wine
Scrambled Eggs with Black Truffles
Spaghetti Carbonara
Sizzling Lettuce Pot
Classic Cantonese Sticky Rice
Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin
Spicy and Sour Shredded Potato
Typhoon Shelter Style Corn
Chinese Scrambled Eggs with Shrimps
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Golden Egg Fried Rice
Stewed Oxtail in Red Wine
Chinese Peanut Candy
Stir Fried Shrimps with Salted Egg Yolk
Lobster Bisque
Pumpkin and Mushroom Risotto
Spinach and Bacon Quiche
Stir Fried Vegetarian Shark's Fin with Egg
Golden Prawns
Stir-fried Noodles with Soy Sauce
Unagi Fried Rice with Pickled Cucumber
Stir Fried Shrimps with Mango and Milk
Stir-fried Sliced Beef & Flat Rice Noodles
Scallop & Egg White Fried Rice
Stir Fried Calabash with Spanish Chorizo and Scallops
Stir Fried Peanut Sprouts with Beef Fillet Strips
Stir Fried Water Spinach with Dried Shrimps and Minced Pork
Stir Fried Manchurian Wildrice Shoot with Shrimps
Stir Fried Squid and Chinese Mushrooms with Chinese Leek Flowers
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Shrimp Paste
Stir Fried Beef Fillet Strips with Green Chili Peppers and Dried Tofu
Stir Fried Zucchini with Shredded Sea Cucumber and Pork Fillet
Stir Fried Bitter Melon with Dual Eggs
Stir Fried Ceylon Spinach with Chili and Garlic Slices
Stir Fried Tri-Colour Peppers with Mature Vinegar
Pan-seared Chicken Thigh in Lemon Sauce
Scrambled Egg in Coconut Oil & Black Truffle
Flat Rice Noodles with Satay Pork
Stir Fried Mini Geoducks in Black Bean Sauce
Stir Fried Sichuan Baby Cabbages with Cured Meat
Sichuan Style Stewed Sliced Eel with Pickled Vegetables
Stir Fried Vegetarian Duck in Plum Sauce
Stir Fried Vegetables with Konjac in XO Sauce
Western Style Stir Fried Spicy Venison
Stir Fried Minced Pigeon with Lilies and Snapeas
Fried Rice with Fried Breadsticks
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Fish Sauce
Stir Fried Winged Beans with Cured Meat
Western Style Fried Glutinous Rice
Middle-Eastern Vegetarian Beef Rice
Stir-fried Shredded Potato
Beef in Sa Cha Sauce
Satay Beet
Dukbokki (Korean Spicy Rice Cake)
Mushroom & Cheese Risotto
Fried Rice with Shrimp & BBQ Pork
Corn Beef & Scrambled Egg Sandwich