Transparent glass Pot Design
Oil-free Healthy Speedfrying

3D Auto-Spin Healthy Air Fryer

Hands-Free Rotisserie Roasting

Hands-Free Rotisserie Roasting

Speedfry Oven

Carbon infrared heating element of Speedfry Oven forces out fat inside food to speedfry the food, so there is no need to add oil to your cooking. Healthy way to enjoy crispy fried food for all!
SFO-312 New
Healthy Speedfry Oven
Healthy Speedfry Oven
4.2L capacity
See-through glass pot | Oil-free crispy deep fry

Air Fryer

Through heat conduction, penetration and convection, the air fryer cooks without flame, radiation or producing fumes. The Air Circulation Technology boosts the convection speed and shorten the cooking time.
3D Auto-Spin Healthy Air Fryer
9L sizeable capacity,
Comes with rotary rack & rotisserie
Express Healthy Air Fryer
Extendable Body for Higher Capacity
Saving Countertop Space

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