Bento Steam Cooker

Companion to Healthy Eating Habits

Foldable Jet Steamer

An Instant Cooking Experience

High-Speed Steam Cooking

The Key to a Healthy Diet

Food Steamer

Bento Steam Cooker
Awesome for Healthy Weight Loss
4 Containers arranged in double layers
Versatile food containers
Jet Steamer
High-speed steaming effectively preserves flavour, nutrients and moisture in food. The multiple levels of steaming baskets allow you to prepare food sufficient for your whole family.
3 Foldable Layers
18.8L Capacity | Electronic control
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2 Foldable Layers
10.5L Capacity
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Strix Heating Technology
3 levels of steaming baskets | Available in black & white
Stackable Steam Hotpot Cooker
For your homemade congee hotpot
Stainless steel pot | Stackable layers

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