Cook Perfect Eggs in Your Style

The secret to cooking the perfect egg is in the timing. Any slight hesitation would result in overcooking or undercooking. German Pool Express Egg Cooker is engineered to cook eggs precisely. Press the button and when it beeps, your eggs are ready the way you want it.
Hard-Boiled Egg
Firm white, firm yolk
Medium-Boiled Egg
Tender white, creamy yolk
Soft-Boiled Egg
Custardy white, runny yolk

Perfect For Keto

Keto eaters often have difficulty finding keto-friendly lunch boxes. With Express Egg Cooker, you can now enjoy an easy & fresh keto meal anytime.

Simple One-Button Operation

Simply press one button and Express Egg Cooker will automatically cook your egg to perfection. No need to set temperature or time.

No Need to Monitor Cooking

Express Egg Cooker automatically stops heating when water is all evaporated. This reduces the risk of dry-burning.
Soft-Boiled Egg
Medium-Boiled Egg
Hard-Boiled Egg

Cooks Rapidly & Evenly

Express Egg Cooker’s hot steam rapidly and evenly penetrates the eggs, cooking them to perfection in a matter of minutes.

Mini Space-Saving Design

At only the size of a paper cup, Express Egg Cooker will not clutter up your worktop space. Perfect for tiny homes, offices or dorms.


Measuring Cup with Egg Pricker



Functions & Features

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What is the needle at the bottom of the measuring cup for?
The needle at the bottom of the measuring cup is for piercing eggs to prevent cracking.
How should I clean the Express Egg Cooker?
Take out the container and the lid and wash with usual dish detergents.
Can I cook eggs in the Express Egg Cooker right after taking them out from the fridge?
It is recommended to put eggs at room temperature for half an hour before using the Express Egg Cooker.
Can I use tap water for Express Egg Cooker?
It is recommended to use cold water for better cooking results.
Can I add other sauces in Express Egg Cooker?
To avoid difficult cleaning and dirtiness, other sauces are not recommended.
Why will the Express Egg Cooker suddenly stop when cooking?
The Express Egg Cooker stops when water in the body is exhausted.
Why does the buzzer keep beeping after use?
When the eggs are done, product will stop heating and buzzer will beep continuously until user presses the On/Off button.
Can I charge the Express Egg Cooker up for standalone use?
The Express Egg Cooker has no rechargeable battery and has to be connected to a power source.

Selected Recipes

Deviled Eggs
Egg and Potato Salad
Sweet Lotus Seed Soup with Herba Taxilli
Five Spices New Year Tea Eggs