Smart Home
WiFi Smart Appliances Series
Smart Air Purifying Fan
Cooling & Purifying the Room at Once
Move Around As You Please
Extra Large Cooling Coverage

Smart Living

Use German Pool Smart Control App to control all smart appliances and enjoy IoT smart home convenience!

2 in 1 Induction/Ceramic Hybrid Cooker

Introducing smart temperature control, smart syncing with range hood, smart recipe management and more innovative smart features that herald a new era of smart cooking.

Electric Fan

Remotely control your fan with smartphone APP to enhance air circulation and air purification and prepare a cool environment when you return home.

Range Hood

Sync range hood with cooktop via WiFi, and everytime you adjust cooktop power, range hood will auto adjust wind speed for maximum convenience.

Bathroom Heater

Set your bathroom heater‘s timer anytime anywhere effortlessly with Smart Control App and warm up your bathroom in no time.

Portable Air Conditioner

Forgetting to turn off AC at home is just fine. With smartphone APP, turn it on/off anytime, anywhere. Even when you are outside, cool comfort is ensured for elderly or pet at home.


No more walking up to a dehumidifier to press its buttons, no more searching around for remote control: your smartphone acts as your most handy remote.

Water Kettle

Enjoy extra functions of the kettle and finely adjust water temperature with Smart Control. Timer settings can fit your daily schedule and the kettle will boil water automatically at chosen time.

WiFi Hub

Not just a super remote control for all your home appliances. Also your smart housekeeper for a fully automated home.

Enjoy your smart and automated home with smart home appliances powered by German Pool Smart Control App. Have easy control of all your home appliances at your fingertips via the APP.