WiFi Smart Heater & Fan

Good for All Seasons of the Year

WiFi Smart SlimTower Bladeless Heater & Fan is especially designed for Hong Kong. The Warm Breeze Function make it a fan + heater in one. This is one appliance you won’t store away when the seasons change. This unique stylish hi-tech heater & fan can even be controlled via WiFi with your smartphone using our innovative Smart Control App, giving you limitless control of the product anytime anywhere.

Full Control At Hand

Use your phone to control all functions. No more searching around for the remote control.

Control from Anywhere

No more worrying about forgetting to turn off SlimTower when leaving the house in a rush.

Adjust Wind Speed Anytime

When you are outside, adjust the wind speed to keep your beloved furbaby comfortable at home.

Set Turn-Off Time in Advance

Preset a turn-off time so your room will be well ventilated as you fall asleep. It saves electricity too!

Smartphone App
Remote Control

With the revolutionary German Pool Smart Control App, you can control the WiFi Smart UVC Plasma Air Purifying Fan with your smartphone anywhere, anytime; no more worrying about forgetting to turn off the fan when you rush out the door in the morning, and you can turn on the fan before you get home to ensure a cool and comfortable environment the moment you arrive home.

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Highly Efficient
PTC Ceramic Heating

Soft & Non-drying Warm Air

Powered up to 1,800 watts, with built-in PTC ceramic heating element, it heats up very rapidly reaching temperature of 30 °C . What’s more, the warm air is soft and non-drying!

Perfect Companion
of Air Conditioner

Saving Electricity
with Same Comfort Level

The Cool Air mode effectively blows cool air to every corner of the room. Set your air conditioner to 25.5 °C , turn on this extremely eco-friendly mode, and let the whole room stay cool but low on electric bill.

Maintaining Your Preferred Temperature

with Intelligent Automatic Sensor

With the intelligent automatic sensor, the product takes the shortest time to arrive at the preset temperature precisely and turns off the heat, so it is most energy-efficient and energy-saving.

Strong Current
of Air Flow

Wide Angle Oscillation

The new bladeless air circulation technology effectively pushes air from the base of the unit through a 70 cm extended wind tunnel, producing a strong current of air flow. With 80° wide angle oscillation, you can enjoy comfortable cool breeze no matter where you sit.

Highest Standard

Direct Current
Brushless Motor

Equipped with the highest quality Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor and magnetic field sensing elements, the SlimTower is more stable, durable, energy-efficient and silent. In Cool Mode, the operating power can be low as 30 W , with noise level at only 56 decibels, giving you the most comfortable and peaceful sleep.

Slim & Sleek
Patented Design

Space-Saving & Matches Your Décor

This Heater & Fan exemplifies the best modern design; the slender and streamlined design is patented. The SlimTower hardly takes up any space; its 23.5 cm base can fit into tight corners. Chic black with aluminum air outlet, it is stylish and goes well with any décor.

Minimalist Aesthetics,

Maximum Convenience

German Pool's Bladeless Fan features a simplicity in its design, making it the most convenient, aesthetic and space-saving option on the market among similar fan models.

4 Safety Measures

To Give You Peace of Mind

Bladeless Design

Safe, child-friendly and easy to clean

45 ° Anti-tip Base

Rounded base edges prevent tripping over and collapse

Power Cutoff

Instant shutdown at the event of collapse

Overheat Protection

Powers off when temperature exceeds safety levels

Caring for Elderly
Young Children & Pets

It is your comrade in cold weather. By preheating the bathroom, it helps to protect children and the elderly from catching a cold before and after bath/shower. It also provides the best temperature for the living room and the bedroom, cool in the summer and warm in the winter, made for comfortable daily activities and peaceful sleep.

Thoughtful Design

Bladeless Design

With the new bladeless air circulation technology, it is much safer and easier to clean.

Extremely Quiet

The BLDC motor is very quiet (only 56 dB ), giving you the most serene environment.

Wireless Remote Control

Handy wireless remote control lets you control the SlimTower from way across the room.

9 Speed Settings

With 9 Speeds of Cool Air and 4 Speeds of Warm Air to choose from, you can control the room temperature to your heart’s content.

8 - hour Timer

8 - hour timer lets you control the Slimtower even in your sleep.


Wireless Remote Control



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



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How should I clean the air in/outlets of a bladeless fan?
Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner.
Can temperature be adjusted in Warm Mode of the Fan & Heater?
The temperature of warm wind can be adjusted from 1-30°C.
How can I turn on the display again after it automatically turns off?
Simply touch the display to turn it on again.
Is it normal for the display to turn off when the bladeless fan is in operation?
No worries, the display is set to turn off automatically to save power. The bladeless fan is in normal operation.
What exactly is SlimTower Bladeless Heater & Fan?
SlimTower Bladeless Heater & Fan is a home appliance with 2-in-1 design, consisting of both heater and fan.
Does the Fan & Heater create loud noises?
The Fan & Heater adopts silent technology and runs quietly, causing no disturbance to sleep or work.

Enjoy your smart and automated home with smart home appliances powered by German Pool Smart Control App. Have easy control of all your home appliances at your fingertips via the APP.

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