Mount the Plasma Air Purifier Wall Fan to the wall and save living space, a perfect choice for nano flats. With an easy installation and no extra parts, it’s ready to use.
The fan has a compact and light body. It can be placed either on the desk or floor, delivering cool breeze just in front of you. Use it in the sitting room, bedroom or baby room.

Plasma Ion Purification

Removing Airborne Pollutants

The built-in plasma generator releases a high concentration of ions that destroy the structure of harmful airborne pollutants, removing suspended particles, bacteria, odors, VOCs and even inhibiting viruses. Air quality is then enhanced with odors eliminated, creating a fresh and comfortable home environment.

Highest Standard

Equipped with high-speed Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor and magnetic field sensing elements, the fan is more stable, durable, energy-efficient and silent.

Extra Wide Angle

Enhancing Air Circulation

The breeze can be delivered further and wider than most conventional fans, keeping the room cool continuously, enhancing air circulation.

Bladeless Air Jet & Air Compression

Speeding Up Purification

Air is compressed at the fan base and pushed out via the narrow ring-shaped air outlet, effectively creating a strong moving air current and enhancing purification.

Best Partner of Air Conditioner

Go Green Without Compromising Comfort

When the fan is used together with air conditioner, cool air is evenly distributed to every corner. Simply set AC to 25.5°C and enjoy cool comfort without high electric bills. Live a green life at home!

Thoughtful Design

Patented Stylish Design

The futuristic metallic grey design adds style to home décor.

9 Breeze Levels

9 levels of wind speed, from soft to strong, to meet all your needs.

8-Hour Timer

Set the off-timer before going to bed, relax and let the breeze lull you to sleep.

Bladeless Design

Bladeless design is safe for children and pets, and makes for easy cleaning.

Quiet & Energy-Saving

Delivering strong breeze but consuming less energy with a noise level at 55dB.

Wireless Remote Control

Control the fan conveniently with a handy remote control.


Remote Control

Bracket & Screws



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


How should I clean the air in/outlets of a bladeless fan?
Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner.
What are the precautions of the wall-mounted installation of this product?
The product must be installed with the specific wall hook plate that comes with the product; leave at least 400mm space between the hook and the ceiling, hook and adjacent wall.
Do I have to clean bladeless fan?
Yes. Check the air inlet and the air outlet for free flow.Eliminate contamination such as dirt or dust particles with a soft brush.
Why my fan suddenly works when using remote control of other electrical appliance?
Other appliances may work when using remote control of this fan. This is due to the overlap of frequencies.
How can I turn on the display again after it automatically turns off?
Simply touch the display to turn it on again.
Is it normal for the display to turn off when the bladeless fan is in operation?
No worries, the display is set to turn off automatically to save power. The bladeless fan is in normal operation.
Should I clean the filter?
DO NOT wash HEPA filter with water or any liquid. DO NOT immerse HEPA filter in water. Please change filter when the Filter Replacement Alert Indicator on the Display Panel lights up. Shop
Does the Fan create loud noises?
The Fan adopts silent technology and runs quietly, causing no disturbance to sleep or work.
Where can I buy a replacement remote control?
Please contact our CS centre.

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