Conventional housekeeping calls for first vacuuming then mopping, which means you have to clean the floor twice. German Pool’s all new Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner with a BLDC wet and dry motor can effectively suck up both dry debris and wet spills, and wash the floor all at the same time, saving you both time and effort!

Floor Nozzle

11kPa super cyclonic suction power

Motor spins up to 57000r/min, producing 11kPa super suction power and centrifugal force to effectively vacuum up dust and debris.


550rpm high speed roller brush

Roller brush spins up to 550 times per minute, removing stubborn dirt and stains from all floors, tiles, and carpets.

Cleans Up Dry & Wet Debris

No Wiping Or Rinsing Needed

Dry debris like dust and hair, together with wet spills like soups and noodles, can all be completely cleaned up in one simple step; micro-computer controls the precise amount of water to be sprayed out, so floor will not feel wet after mopping.

Innovative Roller Brush Head

Cleans Even Wall Edges & Corners

Roller brush with a super thin frame of only 6mm means the brush can provide streak-free cleaning right up to the baseboards and corners of walls, leaving no spot of your floor or carpet uncleaned.

Anion Purification System

Cleans Airborne Pollutants

Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner automatically generates negative ions to bond with airborne particulate matters and weigh them down, which are then vacuumed up by 11kPa super cyclonic suction power, effectively improving your indoor air quality.

Lightweight Stick Design

For Single-Handed Easy Maneuverability

Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner’s ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip, together with self-propelling wheels that pull the stick vacuum cleaner forward, single-handedly vacuuming and mopping the whole house just became an easy task.

Cordless Rechargeable Design

40 Minutes Continuous
Cleaning Power

Cordless rechargeable design means you can vacuum and mop freely and easily with no hindrance by cables and sockets; 4,000mAh battery can last up to 40 minutes continuous use, enough to clean the whole house without recharging

HEPA High Efficiency Filter

HEPA filter captures particulates and allergens and helps you purify indoor air while vaccuming or mopping, bringing fresh and clean air to your home.

Want to replace your old filter cartridge? The optional HEPA replacement filter cartridge allows your vacuum cleaner to stay powerful over time.


Self-Cleaning Function

Saves You Cleaning Time & Effort

Place the vacuum cleaner on its base, and its self-cleaning mechanism uses clean water and powerful suction to clean off debris trapped on the roller brush, saving you from having to wash it by hand. Unique blower auto dries the roller brush to prevent mildew and odor.
Set Vacuum Cleaner on
Docking Station
Press button to start
Self Clean Mode
Brush cleans itself automatically
No Fuss, No Hassle

Docking Station

Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner comes with a docking station for recharge, self-clean and storage.

For All Hard Floors & Carpets

Roller brush with a super thin frame of only 6mm means the brush can provide streak-free cleaning right up to the baseboards and corners of walls, leaving no spot of your floor or carpet uncleaned.

Thoughtful Design

Add Cleaning Solution For Deep Cleansing

Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner can be used with cleaning solutions for deep cleansing and sterilizing floors.

Dry & Wet Debris Separated

At the top of the waste water tank, dry and wet debris are separated for easy disposal, preventing wet debris from clogging your sewer.

Separate Clean & Waste Water Tanks

Dual tank system ensures you are always cleaning with fresh water; 820ml large capacity saves you the trouble for frequent water refills and disposals.

IPX4 Water Resistant Protection

Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner is resistant against water splashes to ensure user safety.

Advanced Noise Reduction Design

Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner has a low operating sound level of only 70dB, so it won’t spook your baby or pet.

Concise LED Display

Battery percentage, cleaning mode and statuses are clearly displayed for ease of use.


Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


Can I add bleach or other detergents to replace pure water in the tank of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner for mopping?
It is recommended that only only clean water is being used. Before adding any disinfectant or detergent to tank, please ensure it is non-foaming.
How do I activate Self Clean Mode of the Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner?
Press Self Clean button to activate “Self Clean Mode”.
How does the Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner conduct self-cleaning?
Self-cleaning function can automatically clean the rolling brush.
How often should I change a new roller brush?
It depends on the usage of the roller brush.
What does blinking red light on the display monitor mean?
Dirty water tank is full or clean water tank is empty.
Before using the Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, is there any preparatory step?
Please remove small or sharp objects on the floor. Besides, fill up the Tank for Clean Water with fresh water and make sure the Tank for Used Water is emptied prior to operation.
Where can I buy new roller brushes?
On German Pool’s eStore.

Sterilizing Collection

German Pool Sterilizing Collection products are mostly natural, compact and smart. They protect you from germs and create a virus-free space to secure your health.

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