Thermostatic Environment

5°C -20°C Temperature Regulation

Temperature is the key for wine storage. Unstable temperature would taint the flavour and texture of wine. The built-in thermoelectric wine cellar features a thermostatic environment regulated by micro-computer and electronic thermostat, meticulously regulating the temperature between 4°C -20°C.

UV Tempered Glass Door

Blocking Off UV Rays

Wines must always be stored in dark places, no matter red or white, because exposure to lights will lead to oxidization, tainting its flavour and texture. This brand new built-in thermoelectric wine cellar features UV tempered, double-glazed glass door for double protection, not only in minimizing temperature fluctuations but also blocking off light rays, at the same time preventing condensation of steam, creating the ideal environment for wine storage.

3-layer Pull-out Wooden Shelves

Secure & Shakeproof

This brand new built-in thermoelectric wine cellar is made of loading-bearing, pressure resistant wooden shelves to provide total shakeproof effect, avoiding the dreaded scenario of triggering chemical reactions and disturbing sedimentation inside the bottle due to vibrations. The 3 layers hold a maximum of 24 bottles and they can be arranged and reached easily thanks to the pull-out slider design.

Standard Built-in Size

Perfect Blend with
Kitchen Cabinets & Appliances

The brand new built-in thermoelectric wine cellar stands at 455mm tall and 595mm wide, i.e. the standard size for built-in appliances, allowing it to integrate perfectly well with kitchen cabinets and other built-in home appliances for a stylish modern kitchen. It also allows for direct replacement of other built-in appliances with the brand new wine cellar, saving you the hustle of major renovation and extra cost in terms of money and time.

Thoughtful Design

Quiet and Eco Refrigeration

Anti-vibration compression refrigerator is eco-friendly and extremely quiet, producing noises of only 40dB.

Soft, Dim LED Light

Soft dim blue light for easy access at night, at the same time preventing unwanted wine faults due to bright light.

Easy Touch Control

Touch control panel clear and concise with simple operations. One-touch settings for temperature and on/off lightings.

Quiet, Buffering Glass Door

UV tempered double-glazed glass door with muted gas struts for anti-vibration.

Transparent Glass Door

Clear view of the inner cellar for display and appreciation.


Activation of child-lock deactivates other keys for easy cleaning and effective prevention accidents caused by children’s misuse.

Installation Diagram



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


What is the difference between storing wines in a wine cellar and in a fridge?
The large temperature difference, smell and low humidity of refrigerators are undesirable for storing wines. The wine cabinet is stable, shockproof, and can accurately control the temperature of the wine.
How should I clean the Wine Cellar?
To clean the product, unplug the product and empty the cellar. Clean the interior cavity of the product with soft cloth or sponge moistened with clean water or soap liquid (or any other non-corrosive neutral cleanser).
What is the correct temperature for storing wine?
The recommended long-term storage temperature is between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius, depending on the type of wine and personal preference. The most important thing is to keep the temperature of the wine stable.
Why is the cellar door surface dewed?
This could be due to cellar door opened too frequently or too long, humid external environment or cellar temperature set too low. Simply wipe down with dry soft cloth.