Small Yet Powerful

Patented Slim Straight Design

German Pool Ultra Slim Hair Dryer sports a revolutionary patented(1) straight body that is only 46 mm slender and 448 g lightweight. Its 105,000 rpm high speed BLDC motor creates a constant strong air current that dries hair fast and lets you easily sculpt hairstyles.

More Space-Saving Than Traditional Hairdryers

Traditional T or L-shaped hairdryers are bulky and the air inlets are located at the back side of the dryer which often tangle up long hair, but the I-shaped Ultra Slim Hair Dryer is slim, lightweight and space-saving, easily fitting into dresser drawer, bag or luggage.

High Speed Air Stream

Blow Dries Hair Super Fast

BLDC motor with 23 m/s high wind speed creates a constant strong air current that speedily dries wet hair, preventing hair from getting brittle due to prolonged heat-drying, saving you time and gentle on your hair.

12 Styling Settings

For Professional Salon Hairstyling at Home

3 wind speed settings and 4 heat settings of 60°C/50°C/40°C/Cool can be freely combined for different styling needs, letting you create professional salon hairstyles easily at home.

360° Attachable Magnetic Nozzles

For Setting Different Hairstyles

Complimentary magnetic attachment nozzles are made of double-layered heat-resistant material, and can be easily attached, detached or rotated around 360° to suit any blow-drying angle.

Styling Concentrator Nozzle

Flat nozzle for precision styling, concentrated airstream smooths hair cuticles to create extra shine, suitable for segmented styling

Gentle Hair Nozzle

Diffuser nozzle for overall gentle drying, spiral airstream mimics natural air-drying effect, dries hair gently and creates volume

Ion Conditioning Technology

Reduces Frizz & Adds Shine

Releases high concentration ions that neutralize positive charge, effectively reducing frizz and smoothing hair cuticles to create a shiny appearance. Locks in moisture within hair strands to create healthy stronger hair at the same time.

Pearl White

Metallic Grey

Thoughtful Design

Slim Ergonomic Design

Ultra Slim Hair Dryer is super lightweight and ergonomically designed to fit the grip of your hand.

Air Filter & Filter Cover

Filter prevents dust from entering the motor while cover prevents hair from getting tangled into motor.

Magnetic Attachment Nozzles

With magnetic design, nozzles immediately attach firmly to air outlet once placed near it, truly effortless to use and replace anytime.

Fabric Storage Bag

Complimentary storage bag to protect the hairdryer from getting scratched when not in use.


Styling Concentrator Nozzle

Gentle Hair Nozzle

Storage Bag



Functions & Features

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How do I create smooth and straight hairstyle with Ultra Slim Hair Dryer?
By using the Concentrator Nozzle, you can direct the heated airflow on hair, helping to straighten it and make it smooth, shiny and silky.
Can Ultra Slim Hair Dryer create curly or wavy hair?
By combining Cool Air function of Ultra Slim Hair Dryer with the Gentle Hair Nozzle, you can set your hairstyle with natural-looking curls.
How do I use different nozzles of Ultra Slim Hair Dryer for styling?
Ultra Slim電風筒配備擴散風咀 (柔和擴散風力) 及集風咀 (集中強大風力),採用磁吸連接。將吹風咀對準出風口圓形磁吸圈裝入,即可輕鬆固定。 Ultra Slim Hair Dryer comes with a Gentle Hair Nozzle and a Styling Concentrator Nozzle; the nozzles are magnetically attached, simply aim at the air outlet and they will automatically snap on.
For what hair styles and types is Ultra Slim Hair Dryer suitable?
Ultra Slim Hair Dryer is suitable for all sorts of hair styles and types, including curly, straight, long, short, fine and coarse hair.
Can Ultra Slim Hair Dryer help with frizzy hair?
The Ionic technology of Ultra Slim Hair Dryer can help reducing split ends and frizz, improving hair strength and making it look more resilient.

Ultra Slim Hair Dryer Video


(1) Patent no.: 202210467804.7