Dishes Cooked To Perfection!

Cooking Under Your Full Control

German Pool WiFi Smart Induction & Ceramic Hybrid Cooker has all the advantages of a perfect cooktop – induction hob for fast and energy-efficient heating, and ceramic hob for the flexibility to cook with any cookware. Equipped with revolutionary WiFi connectivity and a wireless temperature probe that automatically regulates cooking temperature to let you monitor and control the cooking progress anytime, anywhere.

Precise To The Degree

For Perfect Cooking Results

German Pool WiFi Smart Induction & Ceramic Hybrid Cooker’s wireless temperature probe allows you to accurately monitor the internal temperature of the food ingredients so food will not come out overcooked or undercooked.
German Pool Wireless Food Probe
Traditional IR Temperature Sensing
Detects the internal temperature of the food itself
Get the exact degree of doneness you desire
Perfect for sous-vide or dishes that require strict temperature control
Measures the temperature of the cookware only
Guess the doneness of food based only on pot temperature
Food tends to be overcooked or undercooked
Detects the internal temperature of the food itself
Measures the temperature of the cookware only
Get the exact degree of doneness you desire
Guess the doneness of food based only on pot temperature
Perfect for sous-vide or dishes that require strict temperature control
Food tends to be overcooked or undercooked

Automatic Precise Temperature Control

No Need to Monitor Cooking Progress

Simply set the temperature, and German Pool WiFi Smart Induction & Ceramic Hybrid Cooker will automatically adjust the cooking power to achieving precise and consistent cooking, so you won’t have to manually operate or monitor the cooking process.

Smart Induction + Ceramic Cooker

More Convenient & Safer

With revolutionary WiFi connectivity to let you control all functions anytime anywhere, you can turn the stove on or off with just one click through the Smart Control App, energy-saving, convenient and safe.

Remote Turn Off Outdoor

No more worrying about forgetting to turn off the stove when you rushed out the door; now you can turn it off by phone anytime anywhere

Precision Temperature Control

Food temperature can be controlled precisely by App and smart temperature probe. Cooking has never been so intelligent and easy!

Synced with Range Hood

Connect cooker with range hood via WiFi, and when you adjust the cooker’s power, range hood will auto-sync suction power to keep up with the need

Unlock Your Inner Chef

With One Simple Touch

WiFi Smart Induction & Ceramic Hybrid Cooker features 9 built-in recipes and a wide selection of Cloud recipes on Smart Control App. Simply tap on the recipe, and the cooker will automatically set the perfect cooking temperature and time. You can even customize recipes to your liking or save your own cooking creations.

Download German Pool Smart Control App now to enjoy IoT smart home convenience!

Hybrid Cooktops for the Best of Both Worlds

The double-hob WiFi Smart Induction and Ceramic Cooker combines the power of advanced electromagnetic induction heating technology and infrared halogen heating technology, breaking free from the limitations of traditional cooking stoves.

Induction Hob

2,800W high power electromagnetic induction together with innovative smart power control technology and precision temperature control, GIH-PD50B is more powerful, more stable and heats more evenly than your conventional flame-cooker.

Ceramic Hob

2,800W infrared heat is transmitted from hob to cookware in a vertical direction, and heats up ultra-fast in 3 seconds. Dual heating rings let you adjust the power to fit your cookware and cooking needs, and the infrared ceramic heating system is safe and radiation-free.

Compatible with All Pots & Pans

Infrared ceramic cookhob works with all types of heat-resistant pots and pans regardless of what materials they are made of; from now on you can cook with all sorts of cookware, from stainless steel to clay to cast iron, even glass!

Stainless Steel
Non-Stick Coating
Alloy Metal
Heat-Resistant Glass
Cast Iron


Heat-Resistant Glass Ceramic

Glass panel is carefully crafted using Germany’s SCHOTT CERAN® glass ceramic. Renowned for its robustness and durability, with a high heat resistance of up to 750°C, the smooth glossy surface is both impeccably stylish and easy to clean.

Dual Use of Slider Bar

Glide or Tap as You Please

Glide along to switch from level 0-9 or tap on the number directly to adjust power. No need for repetitive pressing.

Effortless Change of Heating Zone

Switch between inner and outer infrared heating rings to cater for cookware of different sizes. Gentle heat or supreme wok hei, your call!

Pause & Resume

At One Tap

Tap to cease heating and press again to resume original power level. Whether you need to keep a certain cooking temperature or handle an emergency, cooking stays seamless and hassle-free.

12-Hour Timer

Perfect For Soups & Stews

Simply set the off-timer for the cooking duration needed, and WiFi Smart Induction & Ceramic Hybrid Cooker will automatically turn off when the timer countdown is up, perfect for cooking soups and stews that require cooking for hours.

Multiple Safety Protection

Equipped with safety features including overheating protection, dry-boil protection, spillage automatic shutdown, extended cool-down and voltage fluctuation protection to ensure the utmost user safety; additional Forced Shutdown function allows user to bluntly cut off the power supply in case of unforeseen hectic moments.

Thoughtful Design

13A x 2 Plug-n-Use

Each hob is equipped with its own individual 13A plug, no power-sharing and no installation necessary.

SuperBoost Function

One simple tap boosts power output to the maximum, especially handy for fiery stir-frying.

Child Lock Function

When child lock is activated, all controls become inoperable to ensure safety, also making it easier to clean the panel.

Hot Surface Warning

After the ceramic cookhob is turned off but still hot to the touch, control panel will flash “H” to remind user not to touch.

Cookware Detection Function

Induction cookhob automatically stops heating when it detects the cookware is not ferromagnetic, ensuring safety.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

Silver-colored frame made of premium aluminum alloy is aesthetically pleasing, offering excellent corrosion resistance.


Temperature Probe

Silicone Stand

Probe Charger

Installation Diagram

Note: During installation, make sure there is air inlet and outlet underneath the unit,
and a vertical space of at least 250 mm must be reserved for ventilation and heat dissipation.
Please keep a 90 mm distance between cooktop and wall.

WiFi Smart Induction & Ceramic Hybrid Cooker Video



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


Is there any particular cookware recommended for Induction cooker?
Metal, ferromagnetic stainless steel and cast iron cookware.
How to remove the grease and stain on my Induction/Infrared Electric Ceramic Cooker?
Remove stains by wiping the surface with polishing wax and a dry cloth.
Induction Cooker stops heating during normal operation. Why?
The temperature of Induction Cooker is too high.
Why does the cooker not work when using cookware indicated “induction cooking available”?
You may try other appropriate cookware.
Can I place the induction cooker against the wall?
No. A certain space should be reserved around the hole in order to facilitate installation and use.
What should I do when the buttons of Induction/Ceramic Cooker don't respond to my push?
Please touch the buttons using the pulp of your finger instead of fingertip.
After one of the hob is turned on to high heat, the other one cannot be turned on. Why?
When one hob is operating to a certain power, the other hob will not have any power.
Does it take a long time for the induction cooker to heat up?
No. It only takes 15 minutes to heat oil up to 220°C.

Selected Recipes

Sweet & Sour Noodles
Pan-fried Glutinous Rice Balls
Melted Cheese & Banana Roll
Pumpkin and Mushroom Risotto
Grill Prawns with Butter and Black Pepper
Spicy Zhenjiang Chicken Wings
Stir-Fried Sticky Rice
Sauteed Prawn & Celery
X.O. Sauce Beef Stir-Fry
Salty Chicken