WiFi Smart Bladeless Fan

Control Anytime Anywherewith Smartphone App

With the revolutionary German Pool Smart Control App, you can control the German Pool WiFi Smart UVC Plasma Air Purifying Fan with your smartphone anywhere, anytime; no more worrying about forgetting to turn off the fan when you rush out the door in the morning, and you can turn on the fan before you get home to ensure a cool environment the moment you arrive home.

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Full Control At Hand

Control all functions of the fan with your smartphone; no more fishing for the remote control

Turn Off Fan Even When Not Home

No more worrying about forgetting to turn off the fan when you are in a rush to leave the house

Preset Turn Off Time

Preset a time to turn off the fan so you won’t have to worry about getting the chills after you fall asleep. Saves electricity too!

Adjust Wind Speed Anytime

You can adjust the fan speed even at work, to make sure your precious furbaby at home is comfortably cool

Bladeless Air Circulation Technology

Delivers Breeze Wider & Further

The SlimTower utilizes innovative bladeless air circulation technology to forcefully push out a constant and strong air current through the 70 cm extended wind tunnel, effectively cooling the whole room.

BLDC Direct Current Brushless Motor

Equipped with the highest quality BLDC motor that utilizes magnetic field sensing elements to drive the motor, this fan is more durable, energy-efficient and silent than ordinary fan models.

Perfect Companion with Air Conditioner

Saving Electricity with Same Comfort Level

The SlimTower effectively delivers cool air to every comer of the room. Set your air conditioner to 25.5°C, turn on this extremely eco-friendly bladeless fan, and let the whole room stay high on coolness but low on electric bill.

90° Oscillating Wind Delivery

90° Oscillation broadens coverage area of wind delivery.

Space-Saving Slim & Sleek Design

The SlimTower boasts the best modern design; its patented slim body with a base of only 23 cm wide can fit into tight corners, hardly taking up any floor space.

Magnetic Holder for Remote Control

Wireless remote control included. Top portion is designed as remote control storage. Convenient to store and use.

Thoughtful Design

Bladeless Design

SlimTower’s bladeless design is perfect for homes with children or pets, and is super easy to keep clean.

9 Wind Speed Settings

From soft quiet breeze to super cool wind, you can always find a setting to suit your need and userpreference.

1-8 hour Timer

Pre-set timer up to 8 hours ahead so you won’t have to get up in the middle of the night to turn off the fan.

Ultra Quiet Operation

BLDC brushless motor is quieter than ordinary fan motors, offering you a comfortable serene environment.


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How should I clean the air in/outlets of a bladeless fan?
Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner.
How can I turn on the display again after it automatically turns off?
Simply touch the display to turn it on again.
Is it normal for the display to turn off when the bladeless fan is in operation?
No worries, the display is set to turn off automatically to save power. The bladeless fan is in normal operation.
Does the Fan create loud noises?
The Fan adopts silent technology and runs quietly, causing no disturbance to sleep or work.

Enjoy your smart and automated home with smart home appliances powered by German Pool Smart Control App. Have easy control of all your home appliances at your fingertips via the APP.

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