WiFi Smart Air Purifying Dehumidifier

Keeps Your Home Dry & Comfortable At All Times

All new German Pool WiFi Smart Air-Purifying Dehumidifier is small as a sheet of A4 paper but has a heavy-duty dehumidifying capacity of up to 12 L/Day; Dehumidify, Fan and Dry Modes together with Anion technology keep your home dry, comfortable and clean at the same time. And now, with our innovative WiFi App, you can operate the dehumidifier anytime, anywhere with a simple tap of your smartphone.

Advanced Anion Technology

Purifies Airborne Pollutants

All new German Pool WiFi Smart Air-Purifying Dehumidifier comes with Anion Function, generating negative ions to bond with pollutant particles in the air and weigh them down, effectively diluting pollutant concentration and improving indoor air quality while keeping the room dry at the same time.

2 Major Dehumidifying Modes


Anion function can be used independently or together with the 2 major dehumidifying modes of Dehumidify and Dry (aids laundry-drying), keeping your home dry and your indoor air clean.

Dehumidify Mode

Automatically Adjusts Humidity

In Dehumidify Mode, all new German Pool WiFi Smart Air-Purifying Dehumidifier detects the changes in the ambient air and automatically adjusts the humidity and fan speed to maintain optimal indoor humidity; user can also manually adjust the target humidity to 30-80% to cater for personal preferences.

Dry Mode

Speeds Up Laundry-Drying

Powerful Dry Mode can run continuously for 24-hr regardless of relative humidity level, whipping away moisture in the air to speed up indoor laundry-drying. Perfect for rainy days when you can’t hang laundry outdoors.
*Laundry-drying time can be affected by variables such as room size, indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, fabric type, clothes quantity, how well clothes are wrung out, etc.

Remote Control By Smartphone App

With the revolutionary German Pool Smart Control App, you can control the all new German Pool WiFi Smart Air-Purifying Dehumidifier with your smartphone anywhere, anytime; no more worrying about forgetting to turn off the dehumidifier when you rush out the door in the morning, and you can turn on the humidifier before you get home to ensure a dry and comfortable environment the moment you step in the door.

Download German Pool Smart Control App now to enjoy IoT smart home convenience!

Sleek & Compact

Perfect For The Modern Tiny Home

All new German Pool WiFi Smart Air-Purifying Dehumidifier is only about 28cm wide and 20cm in depth, smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, easily fitting into any small room like the bedroom or study.

Thoughtful Design

Continuous Dehumidification

Attach a water pipe to the dehumidifier and the room can be kept consistently dry without having to repetitively empty the water tank.

Quiet Operation

At only 36 dB, German Pool WiFi Smart Air-Purifying Dehumidifier is whisper quiet, providing dry and serene comfort for you and your family.

Air Cleaning Filter

Effectively filtrates impurities and pollutants, keeping the humidifier clean and extending product life.

Automatic Defrosting

Automatic defrosting technology ensures the dehumidifier works perfectly in low temperature.

Timer Function

24-hour on and off timers for hassle-free dehumidification and air purification anytime as you see fit.

Easy Maneuverability

Handle and 360° swivel casters let you easily move the dehumidifier to any room you want.


Drain Pipe

Activated Charcoal Filter

Time to replace your filter?
The Activated Charcoal Filter allows your dehumidifier to safeguard your indoor air quality. BUY ONLINE

WiFi Smart Air Purifying Dehumidifier videos

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Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


The Dehumidifier suddenly stops running. What happened?
Possible reasons are improper power connection, a full or misplaced water tank, or an ambient temperature above 40°C.
The Dehumidifier does not start even though it is connected to the power outlet. Why?
The filter, air inlet or air outlet may be blocked. Clean the filter and remove clutters at the air outlet as per instructions in the manual.
Why does the Dehumidifier go on and off?
The dehumidifier stops when the humidity in the room falls too low, or when the ambient temperature is too high or too low.
Can I dry my laundry with the dehumidifier?
Yes. Simply adjust the humidity level to 50%.
The Dehumidifier makes very loud noise. How do I fix it?
The device may be placed unevenly, or have the filter clogged up. Keep level and clean the filter as per the manual's instructions.
How often should I empty the water tank of dehumidifier?
It depends on dehumidifying power and capacity. We recommend using a hose for continuous drainage in a humid environment.

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