Smart Air Purifying Fan

Cooling & Purifying the Room at Once

German Pool WiFi Smart UVC Plasma Air Purifier Fan is equipped with HEPA 14 hospital grade High Efficiency Particulate Filter, UVC sterilizing lamp and plasma purification system, delivering cool breeze while purifying your indoor air and removing formaldehyde at the same time; this unique stylish hi-tech fan can even be controlled via WiFi with your smartphone using our innovative Smart Control App, giving you limitless control of the product anytime anywhere.

Smartphone App Remote Control

With the revolutionary German Pool Smart Control App, you can control the German Pool WiFi Smart UVC Plasma Air Purifying Fan with your smartphone anywhere, anytime; no more worrying about forgetting to turn off the fan when you rush out the door in the morning, and you can turn on the fan before you get home to ensure a cool and comfortable environment the moment you arrive home.

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Full Control At Hand

Control all functions of the fan with your smartphone; no more fishing for the remote control

Turn Off Fan Even When Not Home

No more worrying about forgetting to turn off the fan when you are in a rush to leave the house

Preset Turn Off Time

Preset a time to turn off the fan so you won’t have to worry about getting the chills after you fall asleep. Saves electricity too!

Adjust Wind Speed Anytime

You can adjust the fan speed even at work, to make sure your precious furbaby at home is comfortably cool

HEPA 14 Hospital Grade Filter

Captures 99.995% Viruses & Bacteria(1)

German Pool WiFi Smart UVC Plasma Air Purifier Fan’s filter system comprising of a primary filter and a HEPA 14 hospital grade filter can capture PM2.5 airborne pollutants and block 99.995%(1) airborne viruses and bacteria, ensuring clean indoor air at all times.

Maintain your fan's purifying power, change your filter from time to time!

Effectively Removes Formaldehyde

Patented Nano Silicon Dioxide Coating

Innovative HEPA 14 hospital grade filter with patented nano-silicon dioxide coating can effectively capture airborne formaldehyde and neutralize it into harmless water and oxygen particles, far more effective, pollution-free and odorless compared to using conventional activated carbon to remove formaldehyde.

UVC Sterilizing Lamp

Eliminates 99.9% Bacteria(2)

Strong UVC of 200-280 nm wavelength quickly and efficiently destroys microorganism’s DNA structure, killing 99.9%(2) of common bacteria in and around the filter to ensure air blown out is clean & germ-free.

All-round Plasma Purification

Inhibits Viruses & Removes Odors

WiFi Smart UVC Plasma Air Purifier Fan generates plasma to eliminate harmful airborne particles, bacteria, VOCs, odors and even inhibits viruses, lowering pollutant concentrations to improve indoor air quality.
Charges airborne particles, causing them to cluster and sink away from breathing area.
Bonds with bacteria and viruses, breaking down their protein network and structure.
Breaks down VOCs and turns them into harmless compounds like water vapor or CO2
Oxidizes odorous gases and aerosols on contact and neutralizes their offensive smells

Midair 360° Filter System

For More Effective Purification

360° Ring Design Air Inlet is placed high up on the fan and 1 metre off the floor, effectively drawing in air from all around; compared to conventional bladeless fans where filters are placed on the fan base, WiFi Smart UVC Plasma Air Purifier Fan can target and purify the air in our breathing zone more efficiently.

Real-Time Detection of Air Quality

Auto Adjusts Purifying Power

LED Display shows real-time indoor PM2.5 concentration, with 4 different color rings in green, yellow, orange and red to represent different pollutant concentrations, allowing you easy monitoring of your air quality; WiFi Smart UVC Plasma Air Purifier Fan will auto adjust wind speed according to the current PM2.5 concentration to ensure efficient air purification.

Highest Standard

Direct Current Brushless Motor

Equipped with the highest quality Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor and magnetic field sensing elements, WiFi Smart UVC Plasma Air Purifier Fan is more stable, durable, energy-efficient and silent. At only 35 W and super quiet at only 56 decibels, WiFi Smart UVC Plasma Air Purifier Fan can provide you with a cool and peaceful sleeping environment.

120° Wide Oscillation

Delivers Cool Breeze Further & Wider

Choose among 30°/60°/90°/120° oscillation and 30°up/down tilt angle for your personal preference to ensure cool breeze is delivered to wherever you desire.

Unique Stylish Design

Matches Any Modern Décor

WiFi Smart UVC Plasma Air Purifier Fan with its unique stylish bladeless design is the epitome of modern smart home appliance.

Thoughtful Design

Bladeless Design

Safe, child-friendly and easy to clean.

Multiple Speed Settings

With 10 speeds to choose from, you can control the room temperature to your heart’s content.

Rhythm Mode

Rhythm mode auto changes wind speeds sporadically to mimic fresh outdoor breeze.

8-hour Timer

8-hour timer lets you preset a time for the fan to turn off automatically even in your sleep.

Extremely Quiet

The fan is very quiet (only 56 dB), giving you the most serene environment.

Complimentary Remote Control

Handy wireless remote control lets you control the fan from way across the room.


Wireless Remote Control

HEPA 14 Hospital Grade Filter

Time to replace your filter?
The HEPA Filter Cartridge allows your fan to safeguard your indoor air quality. BUY ONLINE

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(1) Test report: GTTaboratory #0610-20A-01

(2) Test report: Gmicro Testing #2022FM25222R01

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