254nm UVC Light

254nm UVC Light

Effectively Eliminates 99.9%* * Viruses and Bacteria

Effectively Eliminates 99.9%* * Viruses and Bacteria

Strong UVC at 254nm wavelength^ quickly and efficiently destroys microorganism’s DNA structure, killing 99.9%* of common bacteria and viruses to ensure air blown out is clean and germ-free. UVC disinfection can be activated with one simple tap on the remote control or mobile App.

^ Test report: Intertek 200800817SHA-001
* Test report: Gmicro 2020FM30355R01

International Recognition

Compliant with Government Recommendations

Compliant with Government Recommendations

Certified by Intertek, Gmicro & GTTC, internationally and nationally recognized testing bodies respectively, the UVC Air Purifier Heater & Fan effectively eliminates up to 99.9%# of common bacteria and viruses on object surfaces with a 254nm germicidal UVC wavelength^, and captures 99.99%* 0.3μm viruses and bacteria with HEPA 13 filter.

* Test report: GTTC #190119945. Test applies to 0.3μm filtration efficiency
^ Test report: Intertek 200800817SHA-001
# Test report: Gmicro 2020FM30355R01

HEPA13 High Efficiency Filter

Captures 99.99% *Viruses and Bacteria

Captures 99.99% *Viruses and Bacteria

Double filter system consisting of Pre-filter and HEPA 13 High Efficiency Filter and system captures PM2.5 particulate matters and 99.99%* 0.3μm viruses and bacteria, ensuring the air quality inside your home is clean and safe.

* Test Report: GTTC #190119945. Test applies to 0.3μm filtration efficiency

Strong Suction Enhances Purification Effect

From Front, Back & All Around

From Front, Back & All Around

Slim body with front and back air inlets significantly increase suction power, drawing in air-borne pollutants from all around, enhancing purification effect.

Bladeless Air Jet Enhances Purification

77.6m²* Coverage Area

Innovative bladeless air circulation technology effectively forces air from the base of the unit up to the air duct, producing a strong current of air flow, enhancing air circulation and purification effect with 77.6m²* coverage area.

*Calculated coverage area is 77.6m² based on air change 3 times per hour & 38.8m²based on air change 6 times per hour.

Purified Breeze

Delivered To Every Corner

80° left-right oscillation and 30° up-down tilt design together with Bladeless Air Jet technology , guarantee breeze is delivered to every corner of the room, ensuring optimal air purification.

Ptc Heating Element

Ptc Heating Element

Produces Soft & Non-Drying Breeze

Produces Soft & Non-Drying Breeze

PTC ceramic heating element with 2000W power heats up instantly, with max temperature of 30 ° C. What’s more, the warm air is soft and non-drying!

Smart Thermo-Sensor

Saves Energy & Eco-Friendly

When set temperature is reached, Smart Thermo-Sensor deactivates heater, keeping room at a constant comfortable temperature while saving electricity. If temperature drops below set temperature, heater will automatically reactivate.

Perfect Team with Air Conditioner

Saving Electricity with Same Comfort Level

In Cool Mode, powerful breeze lowers room temperature and enhances air circulation; when used together with air conditioner, cool air is evenly distributed to every corner of the room. Simply set your AC to 25.5°C and enjoy cool comfort without high expense.

Smartphone Control App

Simply download the smartphone APP and you can have full control of the appliance even when you are away from home.

Watch Tutorial Video on [How to Connect Device with Mobile App]

Patented Compact Design

Slim and sturdy with a 25cm base, this bladeless 3-in-1 air purifier, heater & fan can fit into the tightest corner. Chic minimalistic design matches any modern home décor.

Multiple Safety Measures

Give You Peace of Mind

Bladeless Design

Safe, child-friendly and easy to clean

Topple-Over Power Cutoff

Instant shutdown at the event of collapse

Overheat Protection

Powers off when temperature exceeds safety levels

Thoughtful Design

Bladeless Design

Upgraded bladeless circulation technology for safer use and easier cleaning

Wireless Remote Control

A handy remote lets you sit back and change modes and settings

Extremely Quiet

Low-noise operation at only 55dB for ultimate serenity, and sweet dreams

13 Breeze Levels & Natural Breeze Setting

4 warm and 9 cool breeze levels with an extra natural breeze mode

8-Hr Timer

Pre-set a timer up to 8 hours ahead for a cozy, breezy tight sleep


Remote Control
HEPA 13 Filter
Want to replace your old filter cartridge?
The optional HEPA replacement filter cartridge allows your air purifier fan to stay powerful over time. BUY ONLINE

Want to replace your old filter cartridge?

The optional HEPA replacement filter cartridge allows your air purifier fan to stay powerful over time.


Sterilizing Collection

German Pool Sterilizing Collection products are mostly natural, compact and smart. They protect you from germs and create a virus-free space to secure your health.

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User-friendly Design



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



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How should I clean the air in/outlets of a bladeless fan?
Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner.
What is Applicable Area?
FEHD requires dine-in catering premises to achieve the equivalent effect of ACH (air change per hour) of around 6 or above.
Can the device be connected to more than one phone for smart home controls?
This model only supports connection to one account on phone. Connections from new users will disconnect the existing user.
How can I turn on the display again after it automatically turns off?
Simply touch the display to turn it on again.
I want to control this device with my phone. What are the system requirements?
An Android or iOS device is required. Firmware requirements may change from time to time. Refer to the relevant app market for details.
Should I clean the filter?
DO NOT wash HEPA filter with water or any liquid. DO NOT immerse HEPA filter in water. Please change filter when the Filter Replacement Alert Indicator on the Display Panel lights up. Shop
Is it normal for the display to turn off when the bladeless fan is in operation?
No worries, the display is set to turn off automatically to save power. The bladeless fan is in normal operation.
"E2" is shown on the LED display, what does it mean?
It means an over-voltage problem. It may be caused by a filter accumulated with dust.
"E9" is shown on the LED display, what does it mean?
It means there is a problem with the temperature sensor probe. It may be related to humidity.
Does the Fan create loud noises?
The Fan adopts silent technology and runs quietly, causing no disturbance to sleep or work.