2-in-1 Vertical & Flat Iron

No More Bulky Ironing Boards

Lay the garment flat, press the iron against creasy areas like the collar to straighten them.

Hang the garment, use the jet steam function to speed-iron the fabric and freshen it up.

High-Pressure Steam Jets

Speedy Straightening & De-Creasing

Speedy Straightening
& De-Creasing

The maximum steam production reaches an impressive 18g! With the technology of high-pressure jets, the hot steam penetrates deep into different types of fabric. The brush attached disentangles the fibre of the fabric to promote full steam penetration, thus a more effective straightening.

Deep Steam Purification

Effective Sterilisation & Deodorization

Effective Sterilisation
& Deodorization

The steam’s high pressure enables effective sterilisation and deodorization, which makes this steamer ideal for pet owners and smokers.

Clothes & Shoses
Bed & Blanket

20s High-speed Preheat

Ready to Use in No Time

Upon being powered on, this vertical steam iron is ready to use in 20 seconds. Hands down the quickest and most efficient of all vertical steam irons. Got something to straighten right before leaving the house? The Handheld Garment Steamer is your most reliable helper.

Stainless Steel Diamond
Shape Ironing Plate

Anti-scratch & Chic

Velvety-smooth, Anti-scratch & Chic

The stainless steel diamond-grooved ironing plate not only looks great, its highly conductive material allows heat to evenly distribute, ensuring a smooth and fast ironing. Anti-scratch diamond grooves won’t cause any crusting or condensation, further pampering your fabrics.

Streamlined Body
for Easy Storage

Easy to Carry Around

The steamlined design is especially suitable for modern families. The sleek body emanates a simple elegance. With the storage pouch, you can easily store it in a drawer, and the ergonomic handle design helps you easier to control the iron.

Hidden Water Tank

Hidden Water Tank

with Water Storage Sensor

The 90ml water tank is hidden in handle which makes this steamer more space-spacing than others on the market. And the water storage indicator reminds the users to refill water.

Thoughtful Design

90ml Water Tank

After each full water refill, the Handheld Garment Steamer can operate continuously for 6 minutes.

2 Levels of Steaming

Switch between the high-strength and eco steaming modes for fabric of different thickness, materials and upkeeping requirements.

Automatic Steam Bursts

The automated bursts of steam save the hassle of manually pumping the steam iron.

One-key Control

Ironing is made simple with the one-key control of power and steam strength, and the clear LED display.


Carrying Pouch

Securing loose components and keeping items scratch- and dust-free.

Water Tank

Leak-free design and large capacity for greater safety and convenience.


Helping steam to get through fibres and keeping ironing plate from touching delicate fabric.

Sterilizing Collection

German Pool Sterilizing Collection products are mostly natural, compact and smart. They protect you from germs and create a virus-free space to secure your health.

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Handheld Garment Steamer

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There are some noises when I use the Handheld Garment Steamer (IRH-112). How can I fix it?
Please refill the water into the water tank.
What should I do to iron the clothes properly with Handheld Garment Steamer (IRH-112)?
Hold the hem and switch to the high-strength mode for generating more steam.