Enjoy The Art Of
Homemade Cold Brew

Anytime & Anywhere

German Pool’s new Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker is your personal barista. With vacuum jet technology, cold brew drinks can be made in a matter of minutes! The cordless design makes it even easier to bring it along with you. Now you can enjoy cold brew whenever you want.

Vacuum Jet Technology

Instant Cold Brew In 5 Minutes

Traditional cold brew coffee and tea takes at least 12-48 hours to mature in the refrigerator. German Pool Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker with innovative Vacuum Jet Cold Brew Technology vacuum ventilates the water to speed up the extraction process, now you can enjoy perfect cold brew coffee or tea in a matter of minutes!
Enjoy authentic cold brew in 5 minutes.
One touch auto brewing, easy as pie.
Brew it when you crave it, freshness guaranteed.
No long steeping period, no bacteria growth.

Select Your Preferred Brew

Strong or Mild, It’s Up to You

Select from our barista-designed 15, 30 and 45-minute brewing modes or set your own brewing time (from 5-95 min.) to match your own discerning palate!

Perfect Cold Brew In 3 Easy Steps

Cordless Portable Design

Cold Brew is Always with You

German Pool Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker is like having a personal barista at your beck and call. This cordless and light (only approx. 900g) cold brew maker can be charged by USB. You can take it with you from home to office, or even when you are camping. Enjoy a refreshing cold brew anywhere with no difficulty!

Food-grade Premium Glass

Durable & Won’t Absorb Smells

The carafe is made of food-grade borosilicate glass that is non-toxic and dishwasher safe. Resistant to acids and alkalis, it prevents the transfer of flavors so your cold brew coffee or tea tastes pure every time.

Thoughtful Design

500ml Capacity

Making 2 standard cups of cold brew drinks in one go.

Easy To Clean

Brewing drum and filter can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

Eco-friendly Filter

Stainless steel fine filter for repeated use, replacing filter papers and less waste.

Heavy Duty Battery

One full battery charge can make up to 140* cold brews.

*Measured at 165ml/glass at 5 min/brew.

Concise LED Display

Control panel and LED display are concise, clear and easy to use.

Stylish Carafe Design

Clear class carafe with black detailing and handle is classic coffee aficionado style.

Italian Coffee Series


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Coffee & Tea Series

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Is there any precaution when adding ice to the coffee maker?
When adding ice into the brewing drum, do not exceed the “MAX” water line.
Can I add hot water into Cold Brew Coffee Maker?
What is the recommended ratio of ground coffee to water?
The recommended ratio of ground coffee to water is 1:10.
Can I add instant coffee powder into Cold Brew Coffee Maker?
What should I pay attention to when I clean this product?
Wipe the outer side with a wet cloth, use water and sponge to clean other parts.
Why is the LED display showing "FU"?
The carafe water level is too full.

Selected Recipes

Eggnog Cold Brew Iced Coffee
Cold Brew Tiramisu Coffee
Cinnamon Honey Iced Latte