What are the benefits of Sous Vide Cooking?

Vacuum sealing the food keeps in juices and aroma that otherwise would be lost. Oxidation and off-flavor during cooking is reduced.

The Perfect Companion
with Sous Vide Pro

Vacuum sealing the food keeps in juices and aroma that otherwise would be lost. Oxidation and off-flavor during cooking is reduced.

Three Easy Steps of Sous Vide Cooking

Fill and seal the vacuum zipper bag that comes with the Vacuum Sealer properly.

Press vacuum sealer tip flat against air valve. Press the ON button to remove air from bag.

Put the vacuum zipper bag into the cooker that is filled with water at suitable temperature.

Vacuum Sealing to Preserve Freshness Longer

Vacuum food storage effectively isolates water moisture and air, which helps to block microorganism and bacteria,retarding oxidation. Preservation can reach 3 to 5 times the normal period of validity.

Utilizing the Vacuum Sealer to Free Up Valuable Luggage Space

Having bought too many souvenirs and there’s not enough luggage space? Using the vacuum sealer to vacuum store different items can effectively free up more space in your luggage case.

User-Friendly Features

One-push Vacuum

Press the button and the vacuum sealer will suck air from the bag to the optimal vacuum state.

Petite Handheld Design

Petite handheld design makes it possible for home use, travel and other outdoor activities.


Removable chamber makes maintenance easier.

USB Power Supply

Charging is possible anywhere anytime.

Vacuum Zipper Bags

Come with the box set. Available in different sizes. BPA free and extra safe.

Running out of vacuum bags?


Vacuum Zipper Bags (10pcs / Standard)
26 x 28 cm (x5)
22 x 34 cm (x5)


Vacuum Zipper Bags (10pcs / XL)
30 x 34 cm (x5)
26 x 40 cm (x5)


Vacuum Zipper Bags (5pcs / XXL)
60 x 50 cm (x5)



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



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What should I pay attention to when vacuum sealing with the Electric Handheld Vacuum Sealer and Vacu
To prevent air from re-entering the blender jar, do not take away the vacuum sealer immediately after the air extraction process. Instead, briefly press the air valve of the vacuum lid while removing the vacuum sealer to ensure an airtight condition.
What should I pay attention to when vacuum packing food with the Electric Handheld vacuum Sealer and
It is preferable to peel the fruit and blanch the vegetables before vacuum packing. Freeze any liquid beforehand so that it becomes solid. Storing food with sharp edges such as bones or with too much water or powder (e.g. flour) is not recommeded as that may damage the air valve.
The vacuum zipper bag can be repeatedly used for up to 30 times.
Can the vacuum zipper bag be used for other purposes?
Yes. The vacuum zipper bag is perfect for storing items that are easily affected by humidity and oxidization, for example, cameras, lens and cosmetics.
Can I buy more vacuum zipper bags separately besides the ones that came with the vacuum sealer?
Yes, different sizes of vacuum zipper bags are now available at the German Pool estore.
Is the material of the vacuum zipper bag safe?
Materials of the vacuum zipper bag are recognized by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is safe to be used for cooking or infant food storage.
When vacuum sealing with the Electric Handheld Vacuum Sealer and Vacuum Lid, how do I know if air ha
When the utensil reaches a vacuum state, the Vacuum Lid will be slightly pushed downward.
Does the Electric Handheld Vacuum Sealer come with vacuum zipper bags?
Yes. The Electric Handheld Vacuum Sealer comes with vacuum zipper bags of 4 sizes.
What is the best way to clean the vacuum lid?
Wipe the vacuum lid with a wet cloth and dry it thoroughly before re-using. Be careful not to damage the air valve.
Can I use vacuum zipper bags from other brands for vacuum storage?
No, German Pool Vacuum Sealer is only compatible with our original vacuum zipper bags.