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Sous Vide, literally “under vacuum” in French, is a precise cooking culinary technique exemplifying art and science. Essence of food is retained, and cooked to perfection. Now, with SOUS VIDE PRO, let top chefs cook Michelin level Sous Vide cuisines exclusively for you.

Beef Tenderloin & Roasted Potatoes with Black Pepper Sauce

Mr. Philip John Golding
Founding President of Delegation, the Philippines, Disciples Escoffier International Asia
Executive Chef, New World Hotels & Resorts

Suckling Pigs with Spring Onions & Mashed Potatoes

Mr. Emmanuel Soulière
Vice Chairman, Disciples Escoffier International Asia
Executive Chef, Conrad Macau, Cotai Central

Pigeon with Chicken Liver Mousse on Toast

Mr. Sakal Phoeung
President of Delegation, Vietnam, Disciples Escoffier International Asia
Owner & Chef, Le Corto

Crispy Pan-seared Sea Bass with Creamy Yuzu Sauce

Mr. Jang Byong Dong
Secretary General, Korea, Disciples Escoffier International Asia

Poached Pear & Apple Éclat

Mr. Philip John Golding
Founding President of Delegation, the Philippines, Disciples Escoffier International Asia
Executive Chef, New World Hotels & Resorts

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Sous Vide Smartly Like a Pro

In your hand is the expertise of professional chefs. Pick a recipe. Touch to cook. Your ingredients deserves to be treated at the perfect temperature for the ideal duration, like a Michelin dish does.
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Bringing Home Michelin-Level Culinary Skills

Traditional Pan-Fried Steak

Unevenly cooked, shrunk and dried out

Steak cooked with SOUS VIDE PRO

Tender, juicy with even texture

Get the Exact Cooking Level You Want

SOUS VIDE PRO allows precise temperature control with power adjustment accurate to 0.5°C. Together with accurate time control and the thermostatic feature, you can effortlessly control the cooking level!

Medium Rare 55°C

Medium 58°C

Medium Well 59°C

Well Done 60°C

New Sous Vide Experience
Making Every Kind of Food Extra Delicious

Sous vide cooking brings you an unexpected variety of cuisines. With a large temperature range going from 0°C -95°C, SOUS VIDE PRO is suitable for cooking meat, poultry, seafood, eggs and even vegetables. It releases the essence of every kind of food, making them extra delicious.


SOUS VIDE PRO brings you meat that is ultra juicy, pink and tender from the inside out


Poultry is either overcooked or undercooked when cooked with traditional methods. SOUS VIDE PRO creates poultry that is juicy, tender with crispy, golden skin.


SOUS VIDE PRO retains the transparency and moisture of fish while cooking the meat thoroughly. Nutrients are preserved.


Sous vide cooking slows down oxidation and prevents fibres from being damaged. Vegetables cooked by SOUS VIDE PRO are fresher and more nutritious than those cooked with traditional methods.


No matter it is an poached egg or soft-boiled egg, SOUS VIDE PRO allows you to acquire any cooking level you want, bringing you egg yolks as tender as puddings

3D Circulation Technology

The innovative Circle Wave Technology produces a powerful 360° water circulation that evenly distributes heat energy, resulting in a 3D heating effect. Not only is it time-saving, the ideal cooking result can also be achieved effortlessly!


Water temperature rises to 60°C within only 15 mins

The powerful 360° water circulation transmits heat faster than other sous vide circulators. It only takes 15 minutes for 4L of water to increase from room temperature to 60°C. Heat loss is effectively reduced.


Water temperature rises to 60°C within only 30 mins

Weak water circulation; more time is required in order to achieve the pre-set temperature. With the heat energy concentrated near the circulator, the water temperature is lower than the pre-set temperature in areas further from the machine.

Slow but Thorough Heat Penetration

The even heat distribution avoids the disadvantage of partial temperature increase that occurs when using traditional cooking methods. The texture of food remains tender from the inside out. The destruction of food fibres is prevented, preserving the natural nutrients inside.

The thermostatic water flow surrounds the food and enables heat energy to penetrate thoroughly into every part of the food.

Traditional Cooking Methods

Heat energy is concentrated either at the base or the top of the food. Partial, instant temperature increase leads to an uneven distribution of heat. The surface is cooked quickly, creating a barrier that hinders thorough heat penetration.


The German Pool SOUS VIDE PRO box set comes with the USB Handheld Vacuum Sealer and vacuum zipper bags of different sizes. Experience professional sous vide cooking at home without having to purchase additional accessories or vacuum seal with a straw. Michelin-level cuisines can be easily created!

Simple operation. Precise time and temperature control. Perfect for creating sous vide dishes.
USB Handheld Vacuum Sealer
Portable and easy-to-use. Vacuum seal simply by pressing one button. Sous vide cooking is never more convenient.
Vacuum Zipper Bags
Come in different sizes. BPA free and extra safe.
Sous Vide Cookbook
Brought to you multiple delicate sous vide recipes. Try making healthy sous vide dishes at home!
User Manual
Together with online videos, the illustrated user manual provides you detailed operation instructions.

Vacuum Sealing in Seconds for Simple Sous Vide Cooking

Vacuum sealing is the key to sous vide cooking. The German Pool USB Handheld Vacuum Sealer comes with vacuum zipper bags in all sizes. Simply place the food inside the bags and seal them before pressing the vacuum sealer tip flat against the air valve. Press the ON button to remove air from the bags. As vacuum sealing is no longer complicated, sous vide cooking instantly becomes simplier!

Sous Vide

Vacuum Zipper Bags

Come with the box set. Available in different sizes. BPA free and extra safe.

Super Easy! Sous Vide Cooking in 4 Steps

Vacuum Sealing

Place food and seasonings into a vacuum zipper bag. Seal with the vacuum sealer.

Set Up

Insert SOUS VIDE PRO into the water container. Set the time and temperature accordingly.


When the water reaches the desired temperature, place the bag into the water bath.


Lightly grill the food in the Halogen Cooking Pot or on the Korean Barbeque Grill to acquire a crispy, golden surface.

Wanna Spice Up Your Sous Vide Cooking?

Lightly grill or pan-fry the food using German Pool kitchen appliances to acquire a crispy, golden surface.

Thoughtful Features

Touch-Screen Control Panel and Scroll Wheel

The touch-screen control panel and flexible scroll wheel bring about easy operation.

Flexible Clip

Compatible with different types of cookware. Able to secure the circulator to the water container.

LCD Display

The blue backlit LCD display clearly shows the cooking status.

Powerful Fan

The fan generates a powerful 360° water circulation that evenly distributes heat energy.



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


The operation of Sous Vide Circulator has started and water is beginning to heat up. Why does “Work Time” remain at “00:00” and isn’t counting?
It is normal that “Work Time” does not start counting until the water temperature reaches the set temperature.
How often and how shall I clean my Slow Cook Circulator?
Rinse with water after use and let dry. If used frequently, descaling can be carried out once a month.
Why has the Slow Cook Circulator not started timing after the desired temperature is reached?
When the desired water temperature is reached, a beeping sound will be set off. Press and hold the "Set" button to switch off the sound and start timing.
I have already pressed the power button. Why is the screen not lighting up?
Please make sure the appliance is plugged in correctly. Press and hold the power button for at least 3 seconds to light up the screen and bring the appliance to its standby mode.
The alarm goes off during operation. The error code "E05" is displayed on the screen and the appliance shuts down afterwards. Why?
It is because the water level has dropped below the minimum level required as water evaporates.
Why does the Slow Cook Circulator fail to operate, with the error code E06?
It is because water has accidentally entered the interior of the appliance during operation.
How much water shall I put into the container when using the Slow Cook Circulator?
The mininum and maximum water level is indicated on the Slow Cook Circulator. The amount of water added has to fall between the minimum and maximum water level, or else the operation of the machine will be affected.
How shall I store my sous vide food?
Place the vacuum bag with the food inside into ice water immediately to lower the temperature. Then, put the bag into the fridge to reduce bacterial growth.

Selected Recipes

King Prawns with Avocado & Salicornia Salad
Sous Vide Salmon
Sous Vide Thick-Cut Pork Chop
Slow Cooked Dried Logans Pear
Chicken Tenders Salad
Pigeon with Chicken Liver Mousse on Toast
Poached Pear & Apple Éclat
Beef Tenderloin & Roasted Potatoes with Black Pepper Sauce
Stuffed Grilled Spring Chicken with Lemongrass
Mexican Grilled Chicken with Apricot Sauce
Slow Cooked Pork Knuckle with Abalones
Sous Vide Duck Breast with Blueberry Sauce
Perfect Onsen Tamago (Soft Poached Egg)
Stuffed Pear with Dried Longans and Red Dates
Honey-Glazed Carrots
Salmon with Balsamic Vinegar Sauce
Cod Fish with Yellow Pepper Sauce
Sous Vide Chicken Breast
Sous Vide Drunken Chicken
Rack of Lamb
Barbecue Pork
Pork Chop with Cinnamon Apple Sauce
Angus Beef with Red Wine Sauce