All the Hisses and Buzzes Around
How Can I Sleep

German Pool
Mosquito Trap

Let Mosquitoes Fall into Traps

Strong & Pollution-free Vortex

Catch them, trap them, dry them

Remove Dust Mites for Better Living

Remove Dust Mites for Better Living

Anti-Mite UV Sterilising Cleaner

Powerful UV Sterilization

Powerful UV Sterilization

Protect the Health of Your Family

Guard Your Home

Guard Your Home

For Total Sleeping Comfort

Insect Killer / Sterilising Cleaner

Insect Killer

The German Pool Mosquito Trap captures and kills mosquitoes by strong vortex fan. Automatically activating in the dark, it ensures serene bite-free nights running at an ambience of only 43dB. With USB plug and play, there is no occasion, indoors or outdoors, where it does not fit.

MTR-100 New
Mosquito Trap Non-toxic & Odourless Mosquito Lure
USB Plug & Play
Anti-Mite Cleaner

The highly effective germicide system cleans your bed. By making your bed extra-clean, having a good night’s sleep is no longer a dream!

Anti-Mite UV Sterilising Cleaner 3,000 R.P.M | UV Sterilisation Tube
Cyclone Suction Technology
3-in-1 Anti-Mite UV Sterilising Cleaner 8,000 R.P.M | UV Sterilisation Tube
HEPA 13 | PTC anti-mite thermal system

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