What is spawning on your bed?

Convinced that your bed is clean? Think again. There are in fact over 20,000 dust mites dwelling on your bed. Exfoliated skin cells, fine dust, dust mites and their excretion can cause skin irritation and trigger allergic rhinitis and short of breathe upon ingestion.

PM 2.5


Dust Mites

Dead Skin Cells

Other Allergens

4 Steps to Effectively Eliminate Mites & Germs

The highly effective germicide system cleans your bed thoroughly through 3 steps. By making your bed extra-clean, having a good night’s sleep is no longer a dream!
Step 1

Cyclone Suction Technology

Adopting the powerful G12 motor, the generated 12kPa cyclone suction force can effectively eradicate dust mites and allergens. Cleaning is easier than ever!

Step 2

Vibration Pads

Vibrating up to 3,000 pats/minute, the pads can effortlessly detach tough dust mites from bed sheets. Meanwhile, the cyclone suction force will simultaneously eliminate allergens, exfoliated skin, hair dust and etc.

Step 3

Powerful UV Sterilization Tube

Turning on the UV Sterilisation Tube means performing dust removal and disinfection at the same time. This can guarantee clean bedding and protect your family against secondary contamination.

Sterilizing Collection

German Pool Sterilizing Collection products are mostly natural, compact and smart. They protect you from germs and create a virus-free space to secure your health.

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