Saves Time & Effort

All new German Pool Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with two independent roller brushes, providing double the cleaning power of ordinary wet & dry vacuum cleaners. The double roller brushes thoroughly cleanse the floor in one go, ridding it of all dry or wet debris and stubborn stains. No rinsing is necessary, making the Vacuum Cleaner a much more efficient, effective, and effortless alternative to any conventional cleaning method! Especially handy for homes with kids, pets and elderlies.


11 kPa Super Cyclonic Suction Power

Two independent smart BLDC motors spin at high speed, generating up to 11 kPa super suction power and centrifugal force to effectively vacuum up dust and debris.


1,180 rpm High Speed Spinning

Twin roller brushes spin up to a total of 1,180 rpm, scrubs stubborn dirt and stains off the floor, and penetrate floor gaps to remove deep-seated grime and dust, leaving your floor sparkling clean.

Dual Roller Brushes

For Double Cleaning Power

All new German Pool Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner features two independent roller brushes; the front roller brush spins forward to scrub off dirt and grime while the rear roller brush spins backwards to wipe off water stains, leaving your floor clean and dry instantly!

Auto-Generates Sterilizing Electrolyte Solution*

Sterilizing Function automatically electrolyzes tap water to generate hydrogen ions and chloride ions, producing hypochlorous acid, a natural and eco-friendly disinfectant solution that does not contain alcohol or other chemical ingredients, suitable for mopping and sterilizing the floor in one go.
Fill Water
Press Button
to Start
in ~ 30 s
*Electrolyte concentration and sterilizing efficiency may vary depending on actual operation

Dry & Wet Debris
Cleaned Off in One Go

Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner comes with 3 cleaning modes to suit all kinds of applications, whether it is dry debris like dust, biscuit crumbs and hair, or wet debris like juice, noodles and soup. All can be completely cleaned off in one simple glide of the vacuum cleaner, saving you time, effort and energy.

Auto Mode

Vacuum and mop simultaneously, handy for routine house-cleaning

Mop Mode

Powerful vacuum and mop in one go, great for cleaning heavy or stubborn stains

Vacuum Mode

Vacuum-only mode for regular dusting or cleaning off dry debris

Water for Mopping Stays Pristine

No More Pollution by Sewage

When using Auto Mode or Mop Mode, the clean water tank continuously supplies fresh clean water to the front roller brush, which is much more hygienic than the conventional mop-and-bucket method. The labor of repeatedly rinsing and wringing mops as well as changing water in bucket is also saved!

Lightweight Stick Design

For Single-Handed Maneuverability

Other than its slim design, the vacuum cleaner also features an ergonomic loop handle that offers a comfortable grip. The twin roller brushes propel the cleaner forward, reducing pressure on wrist and minimizing strength exertion so that you can single-handedly clean the whole house without strain.

Super Slim Brush Frame

Cleans Even Wall Edges & Corners

Roller brush with a super thin frame of only 6 mm means the brush can provide streak-free cleaning right up to the baseboards and corners of walls, leaving no spot of your floor uncleaned.







Cordless Rechargeable Design

Extended Seamless Operation

Cordless rechargeable design enables you to vacuum and mop freely without any hindrance by cables or sockets; 4,000 mAh battery can last up to 30 minutes of continuous use, enough to clean the whole house without recharging.

HEPA Filter Purifing Air

Dirty water tank is equipped with a HEPA 11 filter that filtrates fine dust, particulates and allergens, which are trapped inside the dirty water tank, preventing cross-contamination. Enjoy the effective air purification effect as you vacuum and mop!

Self-Cleaning Function

Saves You Cleaning Time & Effort

Place the vacuum cleaner on its base, and its self-cleaning mechanism uses clean water and powerful suction to clean off debris trapped on the roller brush, saving you from having to wash it by hand. Unique blower auto dries the roller brush to prevent mildew and odor.
Set Vacuum Cleaner on
Docking Station
Press button to start
Self Clean Mode
Brush cleans itself automatically
No Fuss, No Hassle

All-In-One Docking Station

For Charging & Neat Storage

The Vacuum cleaner returns to the docking station for automatic self-cleaning and recharging the battery. The station also acts as a space-saving vertical stand for storing the vacuum cleaner.

Large LED Display

Battery reserve, operating status and cleaning modes are clearly and concisely displayed while control keys are user-friendly.

IPX4 Protection Rating

Resistant to splashes from any direction, the Vacuum Cleaner ensures user safety.

Thoughtful Design

Add Cleaning Solution For Deep Cleansing

Add in foamless cleanser for deep cleaning and sterilizing the floor.

Separate Clean & Waste Water Tanks

Dual tank system ensures you are always cleaning with fresh water; 820ml large capacity saves you the trouble for frequent water refills and disposals.

Noise Reduction Design

Operating sound level is only 72 dB, so it won’t spook your baby or pet.

Automatic Illumination

Lamp reveals all floor stain, making cleaning precise and thorough.

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What surfaces can you use the Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner to clean?
The Vacuum Cleaner excels at cleaning various types of floors but is not designed for carpet cleaning. Suitable for cleaning tile floor, stone floor, wooden floor, bamboo floor, laminate floor, cement floor and the like.
Can I add bleach or other detergents to replace pure water in the tank of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner for mopping?
It is recommended that only only clean water is being used. Before adding any disinfectant or detergent to tank, please ensure it is non-foaming.
How do I activate Self-Cleaning Function of the Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner?
Press Self-Cleaning button to activate Self-Cleaning Function.
How often should I change a new roller brush?
It depends on the usage of the roller brush.
Before using the Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, is there any preparatory step?
Please remove small or sharp objects on the floor. Besides, fill up the Tank for Clean Water with fresh water and make sure the Tank for Used Water is emptied prior to operation.
Where can I buy new roller brushes?
Coming soon on German Pool’s eStore.