Auto Elevating Drying Rods

Make Hanging Laundry Easy

Simply press a button and drying rods can lower to your desired height, helping you hang laundry without reaching high or standing on stools. Air Dry and Heat Dry Modes together with UVC Sterilization function help you dry laundry, kill bacteria and prevent mildew in one go!

Auto Elevating Laundry Rod

Lets You Hang Laundry Comfortably

With traditional laundry poles, you need to use a fork or step-ladder, but now you simply press a button and Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack will lower to your eye level(1), making laundry-hanging easy and effortless.

Laundry Dries Fast

Even In Bad Weather

Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack is especially designed with Hong Kong’s humid and rainy weather in mind; with Air Dry Function’s cool fan, Heat Dry Function’s warm air and the addition of UVC to kill off bacteria and mildew, your laundry dries fast and effortlessly all year round.

Dry Function &
Heat Function

Speed Dry All Types Of Laundry

Air Dry Function’s cool fan is great for drying heat-sensitive fabrics such as wool and silk; Heat Dry Function blows out warm air which dries denim, blankets or thick duvets speedily.

UVC Sterilizes Bacteria

Prevents Mildew & Odors

Built-in UVC sterilization lamp destroys microorganism’s DNA structure, efficiently killing of S. Aureus, E. coli and other common bacteria, preventing laundry from mildew and odor even in wet humid seasons.

Extendable Laundry Rods

For Hanging Sheets & Duvets

Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack with 32 hanger holes can hang up to 35 kg of laundry, and the rods are extendable up to 2.2 m, perfect for drying beddings and airing bulky duvets.

Smart LED Lighting

Acts As Your Balcony Lamp

Built-in LED Lighting is non-glaring and has a wide beam angle, together with auto motion sensor, it can light up when you walk by and turn off when you leave, saving precious energy.

Thoughtful Design

Auto Motion Detection

UVC turns off when product detects motion nearby, ensuring safety.

Premium DC Motor

More energy-saving, quiet and durable than ordinary motors. Operating sound level is as low as 55 dB.

Safety Mechanism

Rod auto stops elevating when it senses blockage to avoid accidents.

Wireless Remote Control

Handy remote control lets you control all the functions with ease.

Super Slim Design

Only 9.5 cm thin when raised, it is perfect even for homes with low ceilings.

Versatile Ceiling Compatibility

Suitable to use on all solid ceilings such as concrete, hardwood, gypsum, etc.

Installation Diagram


Wireless Remote Control

Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack video



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


Will the Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack generate heat? How hot will it be? Will it harm clothings?
The Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack generates low-temperature warm air to facilitate the evaporation of water in wet laundry, achieving a quick drying effect. Since the warm air has a lower temperature, no damage will be caused to the clothes.
How does the Dry Functions of this Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack work?
The Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack has 2 modes, Heat Dry and Blow Dry Modes, which can be selected for respective use according to drying needs.
How much laundry can be hanged on this Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack?
The laundry rods have 32 hanger holes and the rack can hang up to 35kg of laundry.
Must I hire professionals to install the Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack?
It is recommended to let professionals handle the installation. If you choose to install the product yourself, please prepare suitable equipment and tools and carefully read and follow through the installation instructions on the manual.
Why doesn't the remote control work? What should I do?
Please ensure there is new battery in the remote so that the battery is full. If the remote is still not working, connect it with the Clothes Drying Rack again.
This drying rack is equipped with UVC lights. What should I take care of when using it in a room or on the balcony?
This Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack is equipped with motion sensor. When it detects human movement during sterilization procedure, the sterilization will stop immediately. If it is installed on balcony, curtains should be closed before starting UVC sterilization. If it is installed in a room, please leave the room and close the door before starting UVC sterilization.
I have elderly and young children at home, is the Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack safe to operate?
The auto elevating laundry rods of the Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack allows persons with any height to hang laundry easily. The rack has a wireless remote control and is easy to operate. The auto motion detection function of the unit and auto-stop safety mechanism of the rods can ensure user safety.
How does the sterilization function of the Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack work?
The rack is equipped with UVC lights to efficiently kill bacteria and prevent mildew. When Heat Dry Mode is on, sterilization effect is also enhanced.
Can the Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack work as lighting fixture if installed on balcony?
Yes it can. Built-in LED Lighting of the Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack is non-glaring and has a wide beam angle, it is also more eco-friendly than conventional lamps.
What clothes are suitable for the Smart UVC Clothes Drying Rack‘s Heat Dry and Blow Dry Modes?
Blow Dry Mode is suitable for thinner clothes or clothings that cannot be treated with heat. Heat Dry Mode is suitable for laundry that is thick, bulky or hard to dry.


(1) Installation position over 3 m above ground is not recommended

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