UVC Sterilizing Lighting

Eliminates 99.99%* Bacteria

The brand new UVC Steam Iron revolutionizes the concept of ironing. Built-in UVC sterilizing lighting in the water tank effectively breaks down the DNA of micro-organisms, killing 99.99%* common bacteria including E. coli. Together with powerful hot steam jets, ironing and disinfecting garments can be done with one simple step.
*Test report:Gmicro Testing #2019FM17240R01

High Temperature Steam

Removes Wrinkles and Dust Mites Easily

With steam power of 12g/min, the brand new UVC Steam Iron continuously let out high pressure steam with its steam jet technique, penetrating through the thickest and densest of fabrics. Powerful hot steam also eliminates 99.99%# of dust mites, minimizing the risk of skin allergies and discomfort due to exposure to dust mites on clothing.
#Test report:Gmicro Testing #2019FM15097R01

Powerful Steam Jet Penetrates Fabrics

For Effective Deodorization

The new UVC Steam Iron has powerful steam jets that effectively penetrate through all kinds of garments and fabrics, deodorizing unpleasant smells (eg. body odor, pet odor, cooking smells, sweaty or musty wardrobe smells) on garments and fabrics that cannot be washed every day, such as coats, scarves, and even curtains!


Flat and Vertical Ironing

For challenging areas like collars and cuffs, iron horizontally on a flat surface, and simply glide soleplate along to remove wrinkles.
Drape the garment on a hanger and iron vertically. The powerful steam jets will instantly smooth out wrinkles and freshen the fabric.

Steam Ironing + Dry Ironing

Ironing & Sterilizing All Fabric Types & Various Items

UVC Steam Iron comes with 2 ironing modes: Steam Ironing and Dry Ironing, which make it applicable on all kinds of fabrics like cotton, wool, silk, polymer, linen, denim and velvet etc. This fun-looking gadget is also handy for sterilizing bed sheets, pillows, towels, pet items and plush toys.

Simple One-key Control

Easy Control of All Functions

The UVC Steam Iron has a one-touch control for on/off, steam/dry ironing and UVC sterilization. LED indicator lights in respective colours to indicate the function used.

Find Your Perfect Shade

3 Colours to Choose From

Available in 3 adorable colours (blue / white / pink), the UVC Steam Iron can perfectly match the cozy style of your home.

Thoughtful Design

Unique Ring-shaped Body

Ergonomic and 700g-lightweight design is comfortable to grip and handy for continuous use.

64ml Built-in Water Tank

Water tank is designed to effectively prevent leakage. When fully filled, Steam Iron can be used for 5 consecutive minutes, perfect for ironing out your outfit-of-the-day.

Clear Water Tank Level Display

The handle of the UVC Steam Iron is equipped with a display window clearly indicating the amount of water left in the tank.

Automatic Steam Bursts

Built-in electric pump automatically releases powerful bursts of hot steam, saving you the hassle of manually pumping the steam iron.


Dustproof Storage Bag
Measuring Cup
Extra Water Tank Lid

UVC Steam Iron



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


How can I control the UVC sterilizing lighting?
After connecting to electricity, press the power button for 3 seconds.
What should I do to properly iron the clothes vertically?
Hold the hem and switch to steam mode to remove wrinkles by powerful hot steam.
How does the UVC Steam Iron eliminate bacteria?
Built-in UVC sterilizing lighting in the water tank effectively breaks down the DNA of micro-organisms in water.
What kinds of fabrics can the UVC Steam Iron be used on?
With steam ironing and dry ironing, the UVC Steam Iron is suitable to use on all kinds of fabrics.

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