An extremely light weight of 310g

An extremely light
weight of 350g

The ultra compact German Pool USB Portable Travel Iron charges by USB, and takes only 30 seconds to heat up. Weighing only around 310g, it is simple to use and takes up practically no luggage space!

Heats up in 30 seconds

The USB Portable Travel Iron can heat up to 140°C in a short preheat time of 30 seconds. Bid adieu to the inconvenience of wasting your precious travel time. Be it a business conference or a leisure trip, this portable iron has got you covered!

Smooth Ceramic
Coated soleplate

More durable than stainless steel, the rust-proof ceramic coated soleplate has a smooth non-stick surface. It is gentle and protective to clothes while ironing. High thermal conductivity and even heat distribution ensure a quick and precise ironing process.

Covers tricky areas

Unlike the cumbersome corded conventional irons, the wireless German Pool portable travel iron can smooth out hard-to-reach areas close to the seam, collar, cuffs and buttonholes with ease. With this smart tool in hand, ironing impeccable-looking clothes has become effortless.

3 Temperature Settings

Temperature can be adjusted according to personal needs or different fabrics, suitable for most garments and heat-fixing handicrafts:

Can be doubled as
a Power Bank

Can be doubled as
a Power Bank

Installed with a 5,000mAh lithium battery, USB Portable Travel Iron of German Pool can be charged through USB cable. It can work continuously for about 25 minutes after fully charged. Other than ironing, it can serve as a power bank to supply power for mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Versatile Mobile Series

Introducing German Pool Versatile Mobile Series, a revolutionary lifestyle companion. By plugging it to a variety of components, this cutting-edge device will transform into a number of handy travel tools. Simply attach the Ceramic Coated Soleplate to the Power Bank Handle and form a travel iron; or you may assemble a handheld fan, an LED flashlight, or a lint remover in just a matter of seconds. The possibilities are limitless!

Versatile Combinations with Limitless Possibilities

Lint Remover
Portable Fan
(Cmming Soon)
(Coming Soon)


Soleplate Mat
Silicone Soleplate Mat
Ceramic Coated
Ceramic Coated Soleplate
Power Bank
Power Bank Handle
Spray Bottle
USB Cable
Carrying Pouch

USB Portable Travel Iron



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