Foldable Compact Design

Your Perfect Travel Partner

When folded, German Pool’s all new Foldable Travel Kettle is only approx. 90mm high, comparable to a credit card, and only the width of a cellphone, so it definitely won’t hog up your luggage space; when extended, this collapsible kettle can hold 600ml, enough for a family of three! Talk about travelling light and travelling prepared!

Universal Voltage

Suitable For Use In All Countries

Foldable Travel Kettle supports universal voltage (100-240V) and can be used all around the world, simply bring along an adaptor plug and you are set to go globetrotting!

Boil, Cook & Keep Warm

All At Just One Simple Touch

Compact yet versatile, not only does the Foldable Travel Kettle boil and keep warm, it can also be used to make coffee, tea, cook noodles, reheat food, prepare baby formulae, even mini hotpot! Perfect for satiating those late night cravings in your hotel room.

For That Perfect Warmness You Desire

40-90℃ Temperature Control

Smart temperature control technology keeps the contents in the Foldable Travel Kettle warmed to your desired hotness for up to 6 hours, perfect for keeping food warm or making tea, coffee, baby formula and other beverages that require different water temperatures.

Food Grade Silicone Kettle

Safe, Durable & Reliable

Interior of the flask is made of quality food-grade silicone and 304 stainless steel. Highly heat-resistant and BPA free, it is safe for preparing beverages and food for your loved ones, from babies to elderlies.

Thoughtful Design

0.6L Capacity

Capacity of the kettle is ample enough for a family of three. Its compact design and foldable body makes it perfect to bring on vacations.

Multiple Safety Mechanisms

Dry out prevention, overheat protection and automatic shutdown functions to ensure user safety.

Detachable Heatproof Handle

Simply lock on the handle when your pour, and store it back under the kettle base after use.

Detachable Power Cord

Detachable power cord makes for easy storage, or when you are serving drinks around the room.

Wide Kettle Mouth Design

The kettle’s wide mouth can fit in a whole hand, making it very easy to clean.

Stylish Chic Touch Panel

One-touch buttons are simple to use, and concise LED display is easy to read.

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Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


Why are there some red or grayish spots present inside of Foldable Travel Kettle after using for a period of time?
After using for a period of time, the internal heating plate of the kettle may have scale, that is, some red or grayish spots, which is normal.
Do I have to use transformer when using Foldable Travel Kettle at different countries?
No. The voltage of this product is 100-240V~, and the product will be automatically adjusted to the local voltage. Do not connect to any transformers.
How to remove water scale from water?
1. Pour about 0.2L of white vinegar or citric acid into the pot and soak for at least one hour.2. Then pour out white vinegar or citric acid, wipe the hot plate with a damp cloth and wipe off scale deposits.3. Add 0.6L of water, simmer once or twice, then pour off the water (do not drink). Rinse off with water after cooling.4. If there is too much scale, it can be repeatedly removed. After the descaling is completed, it is recommended to run once with pure water.
What is the different between Boiling function and Cooking function?
Boiling function: When the water temperature reaches 100°C, the kettle automatically stops heating, beeps and returns to standby.Cooking function: When the water temperature reaches 100°C, the kettle will continue to heat until the on/off/function key is manually pressed. The kettle then stops heating and beeps and returns to standby.
There is some rubber smell when I firstly use it. What should I do to remove the smell?
Add drops of vinegar into 300 ml water and boil it. Pour the water when it boils.

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