Multifunctional Cooker
Companion to Healthy Eating Habits

Multifunctional Cooker
Companion to Healthy Eating Habits

Multifunctional Cooker
Companion to Healthy Eating Habits

This petite cooker is designed for busy and health-conscious professionals. It is a perfect replacement for multiple cooking appliances with functions like cooking rice, stewing meat, steaming vegetables and making soup all-in-one. Just put your healthy ingredients in the cooker half an hour before your lunch time, a hot and delicious meal is soon ready to be served. No hassle or tedious queuing. A healthy eating style is easily maintained with this handy and compact cooker.

4 Containers in 2 Layers

A Great Meal with Rice,
2 Dishes and a Soup

A Great Meal with Rice,
2 Dishes and a Soup

The two square containers in the lower layer are for cooking rice, congee, soup and dessert. The connected container in the top layer can be used to make two dishes with meat and vegetables. A great nutritious meal for one person or a couple is just so easy to prepare with the Bento Steam Cooker.

10-hour Delay Start

2-hour Automatic Keep Warm

This steam cooker is equipped with a 10-hours Delay Start function. Just prepare your ingredients, put it into the cooker and set the Delay Start timer. It will start cooking automatically at the set time and keep the food warm for 2 hours after cooking finishes. You can double the duration of the Keep Warm mode to 4 hours at your convenience.

Grade 304 Stainless
Steel Containers

Retain Nutrients of Food

The Bento Steam Cooker comes with three food grade 304 stainless steel containers. They are great for cooking because of the fast and even heating, non-stick materials for easy cleaning, as well as the preservation of the taste and nutrients in food.

Slim and Compact

Doesn’t Take up Much Space

Doesn’t Take up Much Space

The compact slimness of this cooker makes it space-saving and suitable for storing on your work desk or drawer.

Thoughtful Design

Warm Keeping

Keep your food warm for up to 4 hours. You can enjoy hot meals anytime at your convenience.

Stylish Touch Control Panel
Stylish Touch
Control Panel

Operation of this product is simple and convenient; simply tap the button on the cooker.

Easy to Read Display Panel
Easy to Read
Display Panel

Temperature and cooking time are clearly shown on the display panel. Cooking a delicious meal is just so easy.

Food Grade 304 Food Containers
Food Grade 304
Food Containers

Good for both cooking and storing food.

Tightly Sealed Food Containers
Tightly Sealed
Food Containers

The tightly sealed containers are equipped with air valves, which means your food can stay fresh for longer.

Easy to Track Storage Period
Easy to Track
Storage Period

The food containers come with dial-type covers that can clearly show the date when the food was stored.


Square Container (small)
+ Sealing Cap x 2
Connected Container (large) + Sealing Cap x 1
Steamer Insert

Bento Steam Cooker

Office Series Products

German Pool Office Series are designed for white-collar worker. Minimalist and user-friendly are always the style of this series, to help every salaryman having a better office lifestyle experience.

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