Personal Air Purifier

Purifying Efficiency Test

Purifying Efficiency Test

Personal Air Purifier

Product Test: Purifying Efficiency

20 Million* Anions

Strong Purification Power

Strong Purification Power

German Pool Personal Air Purifier generate 20 million* anions, bonding with surrounding contaminated particles and weighing them down. This can dilute pollutant concentration in the air and improve your surrounding air quality

* Actual performance may vary due to environmental factors

80 Hours^ Continuous Purification

Charges full in a mere 40 minutes, it can run continuously for 80 hours ^, providing you with round-the-clock coverage.

^ Battery capacity may decrease over time

Adjustable Lanyard

Comes with an adjustable lanyard to ensure the purifier can be worn at a comfortable and effective distance for both adult and children.

No Consumables Parts

No Consumables Parts

To Change Or Replace

To Change Or Replace

The air ionizer applies voltage to the carbonized fibers to generate negative ions for air purification, without the need to replace filter or any consumables, making it simple and convenient to use.

Super Lightweight

At Only 35 g

At Only 35 g

35g lightweight and mini, even children and the elderly can wear it with ease. Wear it on a lanyard, put it in your shirt pocket or place it on the desk, and let it take care of you without getting in your way.


COOL BLACK - Stay Nice & Awesome


PURE WHITE - Be Simple & Sleek

Sterilizing Collection

German Pool Sterilizing Collection products are mostly natural, compact and smart. They protect you from germs and create a virus-free space to secure your health.

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Is this product high maintenance? How do I clean it?
No, but to prevent the anion-releasing zone from gathering dust, please clean this product regularly. Simply power off the product, then use tweezers or cotton swabs to gently remove any dust or lint gathered on the brush.
Why is the LED sometimes blue and sometimes green during (or after) charging? Which colour is normal?
Both colours are normal. And the colour does not affect the effectiveness of the product.
Is this product suitable for everybody?
This product is suitable for both adult and children. However, if you have any existing medical condition, or fitted with a cardiac pacemaker, please consult with your physician before using this product.
Can I use this product on a rainy day?
Yes. But as with any electrical or electronic product, please be mindful not to allow the product get wet because this is not a waterproof product.
Why do I hear a slight buzzing sound when I put the machine up to my ear? Is that normal?
Yes it is perfectly normal and safe. The product will emit a very slight buzzing sound during the release of negative ions.
The blue light on the machine is constantly lit. Is that normal? Does the light ever go out?
When the product is in use, the LED light is constantly lit up in blue; when product is charging, the light will flash in green; when the product is turned off or battery is exhausted, the LED light will go out.
Will the amount of anions released decrease over time? Will it stay at 20 million at all times?
Yes, it will. The actual performance of this product may depend on various factors, including environmental factors, wind speed, relative humidity etc.
Are there spare parts I need to change over time?
No, this product is a no-filter design, and has no consumable parts to replace.
Why is there a little black brush jutting out at the top?
The black brush is actually composed of carbon fibre through which the negative ions are released, they are intentionally designed to jut out. Please make sure the brush faces upwards when purifier is in use.
Is it safe to touch the brush?
We do not recommend users to touch the brush to avoid lowering its effectiveness.
Why my newly bought air purifier cannot be functioned properly after plugging to the wall outlet?
Please check the power indicator light if it is on when the air purifier is connected with power. Unpack filters before use.