Portable Air Purifier

Product Test: Purifying Efficiency

Product Test: Purifying Efficiency

Portable Air Purifier

Product Test: Purifying Efficiency

4X Filtering System

Neutralizing & Kills All
Contaminated Particles

Built-in 4X Filtering & Cleansing System: Filter Cover blocks out hair, skin flakes, dirt and other large particles; HEPA 13 Filter traps 0.3µm (PM .2.5) bacteria, germs, allergens, even aerosols*; Active Carbon Filter absorbs formaldehyde, exhaust air, smoke and odours; 10 Million Anions neutralize bacteria and contaminated particles, instantly and efficiently protecting your and your family’s health, wherever you are.

*CAS Test Technical Services Co Ltd (Ref: JKK180815-02E)

Active Carbon to
Rid Odours Effectively

Keeping Air Clean & Fresh

In confined spaces like cars, even the slightest odour be it cigarette smoke, sweat, pet or food smells can be offensive. Active Carbon filter can rid all odours instantly, keeping the space smelling fresh and clean.

Slanted Slot to
Promote Air Passage

Slanted Slot to
Promote Air Passage

360° All Round Protection

360° In/Out Filtering Design enhances air purifying, circulation and maximum breeze output. Aerodynamically designed 35° slanted slot valve effectively reduces air resistance and noise while increasing wind output, pushing out high concentration of anions to every corner for all-round purification.

2 USB Ports, Plug-&-Use

2 USB Ports, Plug-&-Use

Lightweight & Convenient

USB-powered, simply plug-and-use. Purifier comes with USB output interface, allowing you to recharge gadgets while it is in use. It is especially handy in small spaces with only one USB port like car or office. Use it anywhere with an USB outlet – buses, trains, airplane cabins. Or simply plug it into your power bank, and enjoy portable fresh air wherever you go.

Minimalistic Design,
One-Touch Operation

Functional & Sleek

Clean white minimalistic design with rainbow gradient backlight matches any car or indoor décor. Simple one-touch operation controls TURBO/QUIET/OFF makes it easy and safe to use even when driving.

Sterilizing Collection

German Pool Sterilizing Collection products are mostly natural, compact and smart. They protect you from germs and create a virus-free space to secure your health.

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USB Cable
HEPA + Active Carbon
Filtering Cartridge

Want to replace your old filter cartridge?
The optional HEPA filter package includes 3 filter cartridges that will allow your air purifier to stay powerful over time. BUY ONLINE

Want to replace your old filter cartridge?

The optional HEPA filter package includes 3 filter cartridges that will allow your air purifier to stay powerful over time.


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WiFi Connection



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How often should I replace the HEPA 13 filter?
Generally speaking, it is recommended under normal condition to replace your HEPA 13 filter every 3 months, but if product is under heavy usage and filter is very filthy, it should be replaced more frequently.
What is HEPA 13 filter?
HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air filter. European Committee for Standardization (CEM) categorizes HEPA filters into 7 grades according to Most Penetrating Particle Size (MMPS). This product is fitted with HEPA 13, meaning by CEM standard, it is able to trap 99.95% of pollutants.
Can this product replace the vacuum cleaner and be used to clean dust off surfaces?
This product only filters out airborne dust, particulate matters and odours, it cannot vacuum dust off surfaces.
Can be washed with water?
This product’s HEPA 13 filter is not recommended to be washed with water , as it is a professional grade high density filter and the fibres are very tightly knitted, washing it will break down its structure and affect its purifying effect.
Why my newly bought air purifier cannot be functioned properly after plugging to the wall outlet?
Please check the power indicator light if it is on when the air purifier is connected with power. Unpack filters before use.

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