Ozone Eliminates 99.99%* Bacteria

The new Ozone Sterilizing Hanger releases 30 mg ozone per hour to penetrate different materials and destroy bacteria cells by oxidation. It can eliminate 99.99%* common bacteria and break down toxic chemicals in fabrics.
* Test Report: GZF22-004997-01

Removing Unpleasant Odors

Ozone effectively permeates every space to neutralize odors caused by sweat, cigarette smoke, pets or other pungent smells. The Ozone Sterilizing Hanger is also handy for deodorizing clothes after a barbeque or hotpot. Clothes can also be kept fresh after exercise or on humid days.

Portable Disinfection Space

Place the Ozone Sterilizing Hanger in car trunk, office or locker room to sterilize suits or uniforms, or bring it while travelling to sterilize pillows, robes and towels in hotels for extra cleanliness and protection.

Long & Short Bags Fitting All Needs

Equipped with a 120cm long garment bag for long coats and dresses.

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Additional 85cm short garment bag for shirts, handbags or other items are available.

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Disinfect Clothes
Once Getting Home

The streets are riddled with bacteria and viruses. They cling onto clothes and hitchhike home with you. Place the Ozone Sterilizing Hanger next to your door and sterilize clothes, bag and accessories the moment you get home.

Disinfecting Hard-To-Wash Items

Silk, linen, wool and leather are not for machine wash, but the Ozone Sterilizing Hanger can safely and thoroughly disinfect them. The hanger is also perfect for disinfecting hard-to-wash bulky items like blankets, pillows, stuffed toys and even pet beds.

No Toxic Residues

Caring for Babies

Toddlers often crawl around and their clothes get contaminated easily. Ozone Sterilizing Hanger can eliminate bacteria in a short time right after their play time. Ozone will be reduced to oxygen automatically after disinfection. With no toxic residue, the cleaning process is safe and harmless.
Most sterilizing closets are bulky and tall, occupying much space at home. The thickness of Ozone Sterilizing Hanger is just 15.6 cm, making it a perfect alternative!

Easy to Use at All Places without Space Constraints

As sterilizing closets are large in size, they can only be used in certain places. The portable Ozone Sterilizing Hanger overcame space constraints and is easy to store.

Thoughtful Design

Mobile/Socket Charging

Use the adaptor accessory or a power bank to charge.

Retractable Design

Pack the bag in the handle when not in use for compact storage.

Safety Measures

The seal ring and zipper lock ensure ozone will not leak from the bag.

3 Sterilization Modes

Catering to all sorts of garments from silk to wool.

Automatic Neutralization

Oxygen is regenerated from ozone after sterilization.

Compact & Portable

The flat and compact Ozone Sterilizing Hanger is perfect for trips.



USB Cable (Type-C)

Garment Bag



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


What is the sterilization principle of ozone?
Ozone oxidizes the cells of bacteria directly, and is also effective in destroying the RNA of viruses.
What is the type of USB interface of the Ozone Sterilizing Hanger?
Can I hang clothes on the Ozone Sterilizing Hanger directly?
The product is attached with a Hanger Bar, clothes can be placed with a hanger or hook.
Can I use other garment bags?
No. This product must be used together with its own special sterilizing garment bag.
Will I be exposed to ozone when using the Ozone Sterilizing Hanger?
Wait until the neutralization process is finished before unzipping to avoid ozone exposure.
The power is interrupted when Ozone Sterilizing Hanger is in use, what should I do?
Do not unzip the garment bag immediately, please wait at least 45 minutes before unzipping.

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