Fresh Hot Water
at Your Fingertip

With innovative Instantaneous Heating Technology and 1600W high power, all new German Pool Compact Instant Hot Water Dispenser provides instant fresh hot water with one simple touch.

7-level Temperature Precision Control

All new German Pool Compact Instant Hot Water Dispenser lets you choose from 7 preset temperatures of 99°C/85°C/75°C/65°C/55°C/45°C/room temperature, so you can instantly have the water temperature you desire for any kind of beverage. Now you can make baby formula instantly even in the middle of the night.
* When selecting “Room Temperature”, water temperature is set to 25℃ by default. Tap “300ml” and display panel will show real-time water temperature after water has been dispensed for 15 seconds

2 Output Volumes to Choose From

Two default volumes of 150ml and 300ml give you the convenience of dispensing a teacup size and a tall glass size. Of course, you can also tap to stop dispensing anytime you feel enough is enough. Another great thing about this is, by heating just the amount you need, it saves energy too.

Versatile Use with All Water Bottles

Aside from the provided water tank, the all new German Pool Compact Instant Hot Water Dispenser also comes with a water bottle valve connector that fits most water bottles on the market, and a water pipe that can be dipped into all large and small water bottles, so you can have fresh hot water anytime, anywhere.
Water Tank

2L capacity satisfies your 8-glasses-per-day need

Bottled Water

Valve connector fits most bottled waters on the market

Carboy Bottle

Water pipe can be used with all tank-sized water bottles

Compact & Portable

Only the size of a medium sports bottle and weighing only 650g, the all new German Pool Compact Instant Hot Water Dispenser can fit easily into your bag, and it’s totally installation-free. Simply plug in the power cord and you can have instant fresh hot water anytime anywhere.

BPA-Free, Safe Even for Babies

Made entirely of food grade materials and BPA-free, the all new German Pool Compact Instant Hot Water Dispenser is safe even for preparing baby milk formula.

Thoughtful Design

Automatic Safety Lock

When temperature is set to above 45°C, safety lock will automatically engage to prevent user from accidentally dispensing hot water.

Foldable Spout

The spout and water tank base can be folded for easy portability and kept clean and dust-free when not in use.

Detachable Power Cord

Power cord can be detached for easy transport and storage when not in use.

Easy To Use

Touch buttons are easy to use and LED display lets you know the water temperature at a glance.


Water Bottle
Valve Connector

Water Pipe

Power Cord

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Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



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What should I note when I take the Dispenser out or move it around?
If user wishes to move the Dispenser or take it outside, please release all the residual water in the product first:
Is there any requirement for the water in tank?
Water in tank should be filtered water up to drinking standard.
What will happen when the Dispense Key is held down?
When the Dispense Key is pressed for a long period, the water output will automatically switch to room temperature.
How long does the Hot Water Dispenser take to heat up water?
The dispenser heats water instantaneously. Choose your desired temperature and give it a few seconds. Water will be dispensed as you need.
How do I assemble and disassemble the water tank?
Before assembling or disassembling the water tank, make sure there is no water in the tank. Press the water tank down firmly to ensure that the connector of the tank is totally inserted. Make sure the main unit and the tank are completely level.
What should I do when moving the Instant Hot Water Dispenser?
When moving the Instant Hot Water Dispenser, please firmly hold both the main unit and the water tank. Do not use the water tank handle to carry the whole unit.
What is the minimum and maximum water input capacity of the Hot Water Dispenser?
The minimum water input of the dispenser is 150 ml. While the capacity of the water tank is 2 L, water can be refilled continuously or connected to different bottles. Therefore, there is no maximum water input.
How is the Hot Water Dispenser portable?
Without the tank, the dispenser is only as slim as 80 x 80 x 220 mm (WxDxH), similar to a warm water flask, tiny and easy to carry around. Add on the water bottle valve connector or water pipe that come with the dispenser, water from bottles/carboys can be tapped. Even with the water tank attached, the unit is lightweight and compact, easy to carry around. Just plug into a 13A socket outlet and it will fit into any corner of your house or office.
What source(s) of water is the Hot Water Dispenser compatible?
The dispenser is compatible with tap water or distilled/mineral water. To use tap water, simply fill up the water tank. To use distilled/mineral water from a bottle, you will need the included accessory, bottle valve connector. To use water from a larger carboy, you will need the water pipe accessory.