Smartphone App Remote Control

Revolutionary WiFi and Alexa voice control let you remotely operate the kettle with your smartphone anytime anywhere, so hot water will be ready and waiting for you the moment you reach for the kettle.

Download German Pool Smart Control App now to enjoy IoT smart home convenience!

Boil Ahead

Use the APP to remote control the kettle, so you can enjoy hot water the moment you reach home

Boil To Schedule

Preset a boiling time so you can enjoy hot tea the moment you wake up

Boil Notification

When water is boiled, APP will automatically send a notification to your phone

Smart Auto Keep Warm

With High Precision Thermostat

By using Smart Control App, user can set their own preferred temperature from room temperature to 100°C, and kettle will maintain the water to the exact degree of the set temperature for up to 12 hours; user can also select among 4 preset keep warm temperatures (40°C/55°C/80°C/90°C) by directly tapping the control panel of WiFi Smart Cordless Kettle, and kettle will automatically keep warm for 2 hours.

Smart Automatic Boiling

At Your Personalized Scheduled Time

By using Smart Control App, user can set the WiFi Smart Cordless Kettle to automatically boil water and keep warm to any temperature at any scheduled time or day of the week, superbly convenient.

8 Preset Heating Modes

Cater To Your Every Need

With the Smart Control App, user can conveniently select Boil, Clean, Black Tea, Coffee, Green Tea, Honey, Milk Powder and DIY modes with one simple tap.
Black tea
Green tea
Milk drinks

Strix Heating Technology

Boils Water In 5 Minutes(2)

German Pool WiFi Smart Cordless Kettle with advanced Strix heating technology and 1800W high power brings room temperature to boiling in 5 minutes(2), much faster and energy-saving than conventional hot water kettles.

Cordless Design

For Utmost User Convenience

Kettle is detachable from the power base stand so you can add or pour water conveniently without being hindered by the cord, and the heat-proof handle is ergonomically designed for comfort.

Thoughtful Design

1.7L Capacity

Satisfies the average adult’s daily water intake, saving you the trouble of having to boil water repeatedly throughout the day.

Real Time Temperature Display

Water temperature is stylishly displayed on the kettle, saving you the trouble of guessing how hot the water is.

Seamless Integrated Design

304 stainless steel interior and spout are integrated so there are no seams for water scale to accumulate.

Heat-Insulated Kettle Exterior

Special heat insulation protection ensures the kettle exterior will not become hot to the touch even when water is 100℃ inside.

Multiple Safety Mechanisms

Kettle will automatically turn off when water finishes boiling or water level is too low to avoid boil-dry and overheating.

Power Base With Cord Storage

Power cord can be coiled up under the base stand to avoid cluttering up your kitchen counter.

WiFi Smart Cordless Kettle video



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Enjoy your smart and automated home with smart home appliances powered by German Pool Smart Control App. Have easy control of all your home appliances at your fingertips via the APP.

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(1) When controlling via German Pool Smart Control APP

(2) May vary depending on factors such as room temperature, water