Turn Conventional Appliances Into Smart Devices

Simply connect the all new German Pool WiFi Smart IR Control Hub to the German Pool Smart Control App on your smartphone, and you can control all conventional infrared (IR) remote-controlled appliances with your smartphone. WiFi Smart IR Control Hub with built-in temperature and humidity sensors allows you to conveniently set up IFTTT macro scenes, automating a whole room of appliances including air-conditioner, dehumidifier, TV, lighting, etc. with just one click.

Unifies All IR Remote Controls

One APP To Rule Them All

Simply pair all your IR remote controls with German Pool WiFi Smart IR Control Hub, and use the Smart Control App on your smartphone to control all your IR remote control home appliances from air-conditioner, fan, dehumidifier, heater to even lighting, audio, TV box, etc., and you are freed from the clutter of conventional remote controls.

Smart IR Control Principle

German Pool WiFi Smart IR Control Hub is equipped with Smart Learning Function (DIY Mode) which can learn and mimic the different frequencies of the IR remote control’s commands, so when the user issues the command via Smart Control App, WiFi Smart IR Control Hub will automatically transmit the corresponding infrared frequency to remote control the appliance, effectively turning ordinary appliances into smart devices.

Compatible With All IR Remote Controls

German Pool WiFi Smart IR Control Hub has a wide database including most brands’ infrared remote controls, simply look your appliance up by category or use DIY Mode to pair them with the WiFi Smart IR Control Hub for unified control with your smartphone.

Auto Turn On Air-Conditioner

Let Your Home-Alone Pet Stay Cool

Set IFTTT macro scene to automatically turn on air-conditioner when temperature exceeds a certain degree, keeping your furbaby cool and comfortable even when you are away from home.

Auto Turn On Fan

Ventilate The Home For Granny

Set the fan to automatically turn on or off when temperature reaches a certain degree, effectively cooling and ventilating the room. This function comes especially handy when you’ve got an old granny at home who’s not savvy with remotes.

Auto Turn On Dehumidifier

To Protect Your Designer Bags

Unpredictable rainstorms cause humidity to spike. Set IFTTT macro scene to automatically turn on dehumidifier when humidity reaches a certain level, protecting your expensive handbags and leather jackets/goods from getting moldy.

Your Smart Housekeeper

For A Fully Automated Home

Out on a trip and worried your home will become muggy and moldy by the time you return? Let WiFi Smart IR Control Hub be your smart housekeeper, alerting you when temperature or humidity fluctuates, and automatically keeping your home in the exact condition which you prefer.

Wide IR Transmission Range

360° Comprehensive Signal Coverage

German Pool WiFi Smart IR Control Hub’s IR transmitter has 360° comprehensive signal coverage and a transmission range of up to 10 m diameter, therefore installing one WiFi Smart IR Control Hub is often adequate for the average HK home.

Mini, Cordless, USB-Rechargeable

Versatile & Convenient

German Pool WiFi Smart IR Control Hub is built-in with a 1,500mAh Li-ion battery and recharges by USB. Its cordless mini design makes it extremely convenient to place anywhere in the home.



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