Far Infrared Sports Series

Foster blood circulation & Relieve pains

Far Infrared Health Care Series

Promoted blood circulation & metabolism

Far Infrared Sports Series

The Far Infrared Sports Series helps foster blood circulation, boost metabolism, relieve pains and ease muscle stiffness. Especially designed for sports lovers, the series prevents injuries induced by sports and enhance athletic performance.

Back Support
Ideal for back/thighs
Strengthens spinal support
Relieves muscle stiffness & pain in waist, back & shoulders
Lymph Pad
Ideal for back/chest
Fosters blood circulation and lymphatic flow
Relieves pain & muscle stiffness
Elbow Support
Ideal for elbows/wrists/ arms/thighs/knees
Relieves elbow pain & muscle stiffness
Wrist Band
Ideal for wrists
Relieve wrist pain & muscle stiffness
Thigh Support
Ideal for thighs/calves/arms
Reduces foot fatigue
Relieve thigh pain & muscle stiffness
Calf Support
Ideal for calves/arms
Reduces foot fatigue
Relieves calf pain and muscle stiffness
Ankle Wrap
Ideal for ankles
Reduce pressure on ankles during sports
Reduce foot fatigue
Relieves ankle pain & sprain

Far Infrared Health Care Series

The series employs BIO-ACT technology that turns far-infrared (FIR) energy into nano structure, which penetrates the human skin to bring about resonance in the body. Blood circulation and metabolism is hence promoted.

Waist Belt
Relieves muscle stiffness & pains
Enhances supporting capacity of backbone
Relieves menstrual pain
Comes with a pair of Heat & Cold Packs
Ankle Wrap
Relieves ankle pain/strain
Reduces foot fatigue
Improves flexibility of joints
Neck Support
Relieves neck pain and muscle stiffness
Eases torticollis
Improves flexibility of joints
Prevents neck injuries
Wrist Band
Relieves joint pain & muscle stiffness
Improves flexibility of joints
Prevents injuries
Knee Support
Relieves knee pain & sore muscle
Reduces foot fatigue
Improves joint function

Far Infrared Massage Pad Series

The Far Infrared Massage Pad Series is able to perform 3D massage effect. It is effective in relieving pains, stiffness, reducing fatigue and improving sleep quality.

Sleeping Pad
3D Massage
Relieves back pains
Massage Sitting Pad
3D Massage
Relieves back & buttock pains

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