Smartphone App Remote Control

With the innovative German Pool Smart Control App, you can fully control the all new German Pool WiFi Smart Portable Air Conditioner with your smartphone anywhere, anytime; no more worrying about forgetting to turn off the air conditioner when you rush out the door in the morning, and you can turn on the air conditioner before you get home to ensure a dry and comfortable environment the moment you step in the door.
Download German Pool Smart Control App now to enjoy IoT smart home convenience!

Mobile Phone as
Remote Control

Use your phone to control all functions. No more searching around for the remote control.

Control From

Use APP to turn on AC ahead of time to enjoy cool or warm comfort when you reach home.

Adjust Temperature

When you are outside, adjust the temperature to keep your beloved furbaby comfortable at home.

Set Turn-Off Time
in Advance

Set timer to turn off AC at dawn to save electricity and still enjoy a cool room when you wake up.

Air con
All new German Pool Portable Air Conditioner with air conditioner + heater + dehumidifier + fan functions 4-in-1 is especially targeted for HK climate, providing you cool, warm and dry comfort all year round, saving you the trouble of swapping appliances every season.

No Installation Necessary

Move Around As You Please

Simply plug in, attach the exhaust hose and it’s ready to use, and the smooth casters make it extremely versatile to move around, perfect for use around the house, office, store or even restaurant.


Place in corners where the central air conditioner system doesn’t quite reach to facilitate air circulation; also create a comfortable working condition for staff on weekends when the central system is off


Perfect for shops, stalls, parking lot shroff booths and construction worksites where wall air conditioners cannot be installed


Simply plug the portable air conditioner into any socket around the home and you can enjoy cool comfort all year round; especially handy when building is undergoing scaffolding and you can’t turn on the wall air conditioner or open windows

Exhaust Hose

Simply lead the exhaust hose to a window/door and expel the exhaust air directly outdoors. Set up is easy, venting hot air outside and enhancing cooling.

Window Kit Ventilation

The window kit is super easy to install. Attach it on a window and connect the exhaust hose. There won’t be any window gap where cool air may escape.

Air Vent Flap

Simply install on window or wall and connect the exhaust hose. When product is not in use, closing the flap blocks out heat and dust.

Extra Large Cooling Coverage

With a cooling capacity of 16,000 BTU/hr and a heating capacity of 11,200 BTU/hr, the all new Portable Air Conditioner can keep a room of 35-40m2 (approx. 376-430 ft2) comfortably cool/warm as you wish.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

All new Portable Air Conditioner uses R290 refrigerant, a high capacity refrigerant which can bring down the room temperature in an instant; its chlorine-free and low ozone-depleting properties plus low energy consumption make it one of the most climate-friendly refrigerants on the air-conditioner market today.

Automatic Swing Function

When Swing Function is activated, the louvres will swing up and down, helping cool or warm air to distribute evenly around the room; You can also use it to set the breeze away from blowing directly at you.

Thoughtful Design

Serene Sleep Mode

Fan speed is automatically set to low, providing you with a comfortable and quiet sleeping environment.

Self-Evaporative System

Recycles condensed water to cool the condenser, saving energy and planet.

3 Speed Levels

Three fan speed levels of High, Medium and Low to suit your personal preference.

Front LED Display

Clearly displays Cool Mode, Warm Mode, target temperature and current room temperature.

24-Hour Extra Long Timer

Set timer to automatically turn off the product in 1-24 hours, saving you on electricity costs.

Continuous Drainage Function

Attach the drainage hose and you won’t have to bother with emptying the water tank even when the device is turned on round-the-clock.

Extreme Mobility

360˚ smooth casters let you move the Portable Air Conditioner effortlessly around the house.

Complimentary Remote Control

Control all the functions of the Portable Air Conditioner without having to get up from your sofa or bed.


Exahust Hose

Window Seal Plate

Air Vent Flap

Drain Hose
(Inside diameter: 13 mm)


WiFi Smart Portable Air Conditioner Video



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


The Portable Type Air Conditioner stops operating when it switches from one mode to another. Is it a product failure?
No. The Portable Air Conditioner automatically enters a 3-min buffer when switching between heating and cooling modes, preventing the unit from being damaged.
Portable air conditioner has run smoothly for some time but suddenly stopped working. What should I do?
When it is too humid and condensation water inside the unit overfills, the portable air conditioner will automatically stop. Once the condensation is drained out, the unit can be restarted. Manual draining and continuous draining with complimentary water hose use different drainage outlets in the unit.
What are the purposes of the 2 drainage outlets on the back of the Portable Air Conditioner? How and when do I use them?
The upper drainage outlet is for continuous drainage of excess condensation water. The lower one is for emptying condensation water in the unit manually.
How can the exhaust pipe be led to outdoors?
If your window is a casement window, use the complimentary air vent flap: Prepare an acrylic board or wooden board (purchased separately) and cut out a circle which fits the outer circumference of the air vent flap. Fit the air vent flap into the hole then seal the window with the board. Lastly insert the pipe into the air vent flap. When the unit is not in use or moved to another room, the air vent flap can be closed to shut out heat and dust.
How to select a suitable air-conditioner for my room?
Choose the suitable Air Conditioner by referring to the cooling capacity (kW) on the energy label as well as data regarding cooling coverage.
How do I clean the filter? How often should I clean the filter?
Remove the filter and rinse it with water. Pat-dry and then put it back in position. Cleaning the filter at least once a month is highly recommended if the air conditioner is used very often.
Why is the wall wet after I turn off the Air Conditioner?
If the windows are opened immediately after the Air Conditioner is switched off, warm air and moisture will enter the room and form condensation on the cool wall. It is perfectly normal.
How may I use the Air Conditioner in a more eco-friendly manner?
Utilize the Timer Button to power on/power off after a certain number of hours to fit your usage habit.

Enjoy your smart and automated home with smart home appliances powered by German Pool Smart Control App. Have easy control of all your home appliances at your fingertips via the APP.

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