Delivering the Freshest Grain

Removing a grain’s protective layer right before consumption preserves its nutrients and maximises its aroma. This results in an instant burst of flavour and an exquisite taste.

In the lastest season of TVB popular show “Good Cheap Eats”, Maria Cordero continues to demonstrate her cooking talent with the help of high quality appliances from German Pool. With latest lineup of our products, the household icon can cook hundreds of different dishes with ease, not to mention the machines are operated through a few simple buttons.

User-Friendly Knob

Adjustable Fineness

The Adjustment Knob lets you control the fineness of your rice grain. You can also control the milling time yourself for germ rice that are better suited to your palate.

5L Raw Grain Storage

The 5L Raw Grain Storage releases rice for automatic milling, eliminating the need for constant refilling. Quality and nutritious rice is just a power button away.

Endless Supply of Rice Bran

Endless Supply
of Rice Bran

Extra-large raw grain storage for keeping raw rice bran, waiving the need for constant refilling.

Benefits of Rice Bran

The whiter the rice, the finer it is in grain size. 40% of nutrients remain in a white rice grain, what’s left behind are mostly just sugar and starch.

  • Rich in vitamins
  • Assist in other nutrient absorption
  • Balanced intake of trace elements
  • Fast-moving immunity helps prevent pathogens
  • Helps normalize blood sugar levels
  • Helps reduce blood cholesterol and neutral fat concentration
  • Helps to cultivate beneficial bacteria in the body
  • Helps reduce internal pressure in the large intestine
  • Helps prevent constipation

Utilization of Rice Bran

Rice bran consists of 29% of a grain’s nutrients, therefore adding them to rice, noodles, drinks, or desserts can boost the nutritional value of your meal.

Food & Drinks
Toasted rice bran can be added directly to drinks and soups
Knead rice bran into the dough to add more fibres into your breads and diet.
Stir fry the rice bran until golden yellow, and marinate the cucumber with other ingredients.
Skin Care
Put a bag full of rice bran into the bathtub to make the skin delicate.
Combine the rice bran with flour and water to make a facial mask. Leave it on until dry and then rinse.
Exfoliate your skin by scrubbing it gently with a mixture of raw rice bran and water.
House Keeping
Bleach cleaning cloth by boiling it in a pot of boiling water and a few spoonfuls of rice bran.
Clean furniture with rice bran to keep them bright and shiny.
Soak plastic containers in water mixed with rice bran to remove odours.



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