Steaming Rice & Dishes in One Go

The large and small containers can be used independently or stacked together so that rice and dishes can be cooked in one go.

Space-Saving Design with 1.2 L Capacity

The compact and space-saving design provides a capacity of 1.2 L. Able to provide the ideal portion for 1 person, no food will be wasted!

6 Default Programmes

The Mini Rice Cooker is able to create both Asian and western delicacies with its 6 default programmes: Rice, Congee, Stew, Steam, Heat and Keep Warm.

Keep Warm

User-Friendly Features

Adjustable Cooking Time

The 20-300-minute adjustable cooking time enables you to make any dish you want.

Auto Cut-Off Protection Function

With the dry-burning auto cut-off protection function, operation safety is ensured.

1-12-Hour Preset Timer

The Rice Cooker automatically starts cooking when it counts down to the start time, serving you fresh dishes at any time.

Portable Design

The user-friendly handle makes the Rice Cooker easy to carry, allowing you to put it anywhere you want.

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How to operate the Mini Rice Cooker?
Add water into the main body with the measuring cup. Do not exceed the maximum water level. Put the food into the containers and place them into the main body. Plug in the rice cooker so that all indicators light up and flash for 0.5 second. Then, select the desired programme and set the cook time. Press "Enter" to start cooking.
Rice made by the Mini Rice Cooker is under-cooked/over-cooked. Why? What is the solution?
When too much water is used, the rice will become over-cooked. The rice may be under-cooked if insufficient water is added. The doneness of rice may also be affected if too much water scale is accumulated.
How to use the built-in timer of the Multifunctional Rice Cooker?
Select the timer function, adjust time, and then start. Steps may slightly differ among models. Refer to manuals for details.
The Multi-Functional Rice Cooker automatically starts even when I have not set the appliance. Is there a malfunction in the rice cooker?
No. This is caused by the rice cooker's memory function. After the power is cut off, the appliance will automatically continue with the previous programme if the power resumes within 2 hours.
The Keep Warm function of the Multifunctional Rice Cooker sometimes starts automatically while sometimes has to be activated manually. Why?
The Keep Warm function only starts automatically when cooking temperature is 75℃or above. If cooking temperature is lower than 75℃, the Keep Warm function will not automatically activate.
Can this rice cooker be used to cook food items other than rice and congees?
Yes. Just use Steam mode, put on a steam rack, add water and cook for the appropriate time.
What is the best way to clean and maintain the Multifunctional Rice Cooker?
Power off and unplug the appliance. Detach the inner pot and clean it with water and detergent. Dry with a soft cloth. Remove the detachable aluminium cover lid and rinse with water. Dry with a soft cloth. Also remember to clean the steam outlet after use to prevent odour or malfunctioning. Store the appliance in a dry place when not in use.