3D IH Heating

For Even, Optimal Heating

IH 3D heating with precise temperature control cooks rice to perfection. With electromagnetic waves penetrating the whole spherical inner pot, heat evenly distributes to every grain of rice. Your bowl turns out so rich in texture and sweet to the taste that conventional rice cookers just can’t compare.

Spherical Non-Stick Inner Pot

Sends Heat Right Through Grains

A 2 mm extra-thick non-stick spherical inner pot transmits heat in seconds, forging a strong convection to penetrate every grain of rice and enhancing its aroma. All while locking in the nutrition and moisture that tell a good and an average bowl apart!

8 Versatile Cooking Programs

All new IH Multifunctional Rice Cooker has 8 cooking programs. From Nutri Cook, Quick Cook, Claypot, Porridge, Congee, Soup, Steam and Reheat, your desired meal is always a simple touch away.

Nutri Cook

Absorb water for longer to fully release nutrients for a healthy diet.

Quick Cook

Rice cooked to perfection in a mere 30 mins; saves the night for your busy work day!

Claypot Cook

Strong power for crispy rice cracklings that mimics claypot meals.


One button for the perfect porridge for babies and the elderly.


Precise micro-com time control for the softest and tastiest of congees.


Slow-stewing with 4-hr timer frees you from standing in the kitchen, while extracting the full nutrition.


Perfect steamed dishes without constantly monitoring the stove.


Just relive that one meal you enjoyed with a simple button.

Auto Intelligent Control

Cooking Made Simple

All new IH Multifunctional Rice Cooker automatically detects rice quantity to calculate the best cooking time for a bowl you will surely enjoy.

Absorbing Water
The micro-computer adjusts water absorption time according to the amount of rice.
The micro-computer controls cooking temperature, and 360° heat circulation sends heat to every grain of rice evenly.
Letting the rice sit enhances aroma, chewiness and viscosity.
Warm Keeping
After cooking is completed, the rice cooker automatically keeps the rice or food warm until whenever you want to eat.

Rice Texture?

It's All Up To You*

When using Nutri Cook Mode, you can choose from standard, soft or firm rice textures. There is always one bowl for you.

* Texture selection is available under "Nutri-Cook" mode

24-hour Timer

Ready When You Need It

Simply set the timer and enjoy freshly cooked rice, soup and steamed food the exact moment you want it, like right after you got back home from work.

Thoughtful Design

Large Inner Pot

Compact body houses 3 L capacity, enough for the whole family.

In-box Accessories

Comes with rice scoop, soup ladle and measuring cup for your needs.

Non-stick Inner Coating

Detachable inner pot with durable non-stick inner coating makes cleaning super easy.

Touch Control Panel

Chic modern design with simple touch controls.


Rice Scoop
Soup Ladle
Measuring Cup
Power Cable

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IH Multifunctional Rice Cooker

More Details


Why can’t I select the rice texture?
Rice texture selection is available under "Nutri-Cook" mode. Please check if the mode setting is correct.
Why can’t I adjust the power off timer?
Nutri Cook, Quick Cook and Claypot modes have their preset durations for the best results.
How should I determine the appropriate cooking time for my desired rice texture?
Choose among Nutri Cook, Claypot and Congee modes, and Standard, Soft or Firm rice texture pre-sets.
How to use the built-in timer of the Multifunctional Rice Cooker?
Select the timer function, adjust time, and then start. Steps may slightly differ among models. Refer to manuals for details.
The Multi-Functional Rice Cooker automatically starts even when I have not set the appliance. Is there a malfunction in the rice cooker?
No. This is caused by the rice cooker's memory function. After the power is cut off, the appliance will automatically continue with the previous programme if the power resumes within 2 hours.
The Keep Warm function of the Multifunctional Rice Cooker sometimes starts automatically while sometimes has to be activated manually. Why?
The Keep Warm function only starts automatically when cooking temperature is 75℃or above. If cooking temperature is lower than 75℃, the Keep Warm function will not automatically activate.
Can this rice cooker be used to cook food items other than rice and congees?
Yes. Just use Steam mode, put on a steam rack, add water and cook for the appropriate time.
What is the best way to clean and maintain the Multifunctional Rice Cooker?
Power off and unplug the appliance. Detach the inner pot and clean it with water and detergent. Dry with a soft cloth. Remove the detachable aluminium cover lid and rinse with water. Dry with a soft cloth. Also remember to clean the steam outlet after use to prevent odour or malfunctioning. Store the appliance in a dry place when not in use.