Innovative Auto Chill Technology

No Need To Pre-Ice Water First

Auto Chill Cold Brew Coffee Maker with innovative Auto Chill technology chills the water for brewing. Unlike traditional cold brew coffee makers, you don’t have to pre-ice your water, simply pour in room temperature water, choose your preferred temperature of 5°C /10°C /15°C, and Auto Chill Cold Brew Coffee Maker will chill it to your liking.

Keeps Your Cold Brew Chilled For Up To 4 Hrs

No Need To Store Brew In Refrigerator

Auto Chill Cold Brew Coffee Maker keeps your brew cold up to 4 hours, unlike ordinary cold brew makers where your brew has to be refrigerated afterwards. With this “Cold Brew On Tap” design, simply pour the amount you want to consume, and the rest of the brew will remained icy cold until you desire your next sip.

Innovative 3D Brewing Technology

Filter Spins 360° For Complete Flavor Extraction

Auto Chill Cold Brew Coffee Maker utilizes an innovative and unique 3D Brewing Technology that spins the stainless steel fine filter basket around 360° continuously throughout the whole brewing time, allowing the water to flow evenly through the coffee grains, resulting in complete aroma and flavor extraction.

Your Personal Barista

Cold brewing technique reduces the acidity of coffee, thereby enhancing its natural sweetness and complex flavor notes; but the traditional method takes 24-48 hours to make a batch. With Auto Chill Cold Brew Coffee Maker’s “Cold Brew” function, you can enjoy an authentic cold brew coffee or tea in 30 minutes.
Auto Chill Cold Brew Coffee Maker has a “Warm Brew” function, and brews your favorite coffee or tea at 55°C. For coffee lovers who prefer a brew with more acidity and bitterness, warm brew is your perfect choice. You can also try brewing your coffee warm then chill it for a more acidic cold brew. The possibilities are endless.

Thoughtful Design

Stainless Steel Fine Filter

Stainless steel fine filter basket is reusable and eco-friendly, and with no coffee grounds getting through, your coffee comes out more refined.

Real Time Temperature Display

Touchscreen Panel displays the real-time temperature of your brew inside the machine to ensure it is at your preferred coldness.

Detachable Power Cord

Power cord is detachable from the machine, making it convenient to carry from the kitchen to your working station, and easy for storage.

Complimentary Coffee Tray & Mug

Auto Chill Cold Brew Coffee Maker comes with a matching matte black tray and ceramic coffee mug.

Auto Chill Cold Brew Coffee Maker



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Can I add hot water into Cold Brew Coffee Maker?
Can I add instant coffee powder into Cold Brew Coffee Maker?
Can I put tap water into the water tank of the coffee maker?
Do not put tap water into the water tank. Use distilled, filtered or boiled water. Do not put other forms of liquid into the water tank.

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