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Capsule Coffee Maker perfect for a stylish household, the slim and compact body is able to fit cozy homes.

In the lastest season of TVB popular show “Good Cheap Eats”, Maria Cordero continues to demonstrate her cooking talent with the help of high quality appliances from German Pool. With latest lineup of our products, the household icon can cook hundreds of different dishes with ease, not to mention the machines are operated through a few simple buttons.

Suitable for Capsules, Coffee Powder, Pouches

Choose different coffee capsules, powder or pouches according to your preferences. Create your favorite coffee beverage with a professional touch.

Suitable for NESPRESSO-type capsules

Suitable for Ground Coffee

Suitable for DOLCE-GUSTO-type capsules

Suitable for ILLY-ESE-type coffee pod

*This capsule adaptor is sold separately
The owner of the above marks 'NESPRESSO' and 'DOLCE GUSTO' is Societe des Produits Nestle S.A. We are not the licensee of the said marks nor are we associated with the business of Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.
Not every coffee capsule is compatible. Please consult the supplier to confirm, or sample the capsule of your choice at German Pool Cabinetry & Appliance Centres.

Pure Indulgence in Mellow Flavours

The Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker are compatible with different capsule brands, coffee pods and ground coffee.

19-Bar High Pressure Pump

Perfectly extract
the essence of coffee

The quality pump extracts the essence of coffee, releasing the aromatic flavour.

30 cups of Small Coffee

With 0.6 Liter Capacity Water Tank

The cylindrical design allows the water tank to be easily removed, add water or clean. With a large capacity of 0.6 liters, the tank can be filled with 15 cups of large coffee or 30 cups of small coffee.

Streamlined Coffee Spout

Coffee Spout

A wide coffee cup can be placed under the wider coffee opening, a drip tray base can be removed for taller cups.

2 Volume Selection

The simplistic control panel only consists of 3 buttons. Operation is easy and straight-forward. Available in two different volumes of cup for your selection.

Capsule Coffee Maker

Italian Coffee Series


The owner of the above mark 'NESPRESSO' is Societe des Produits Nestle S.A. We are not the licensee of the said mark nor are we associated with the business of Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.

Coffee & Tea Series



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How to adjust the water volume and press time according to different coffee capsules when using the Coffee Maker?
Coffee capsules of different brands/styles require different water volumes. Please check the volume bar shown on the capsules and adjust the water volume accordingly by long pressing the "Small Cup" or "Large Cup" buttons.
Water is spilling out of the capsule adaptor when making coffee. What should I do?
Please check if the capsule adaptor is inserted properly or compatible with the coffee capsule of your choice.
What should I pay attention to when I clean this product?
Wipe the outer side with a wet cloth, use water and sponge to clean other parts.
There is water dripping from the coffee spout after the coffee is made. Why?
Ground coffee beans can’t soak up all the liquid. It’s normal that some water remains in the used ground and slips through.
Can I put tap water into the water tank of the coffee maker?
Do not put tap water into the water tank. Use distilled, filtered or boiled water. Do not put other forms of liquid into the water tank.

Selected Recipes

Eggnog Cold Brew Iced Coffee
Cold Brew Tiramisu Coffee
Cinnamon Honey Iced Latte