Make Youself A High-Fibre Drink!

One button is all it takes to fully operate the blender.
High speed motor for blending a healthy and decious juice
. The blender blade made of high quality stainless steel is strong and durable.

Added Convenience

BPA free
One button for all
Double-layered Bottle

Customize Your Own Bottle!

Sleek Compact Design

It is smark-looking and super light (1.42 kg only) !

Added Convenience

The light, BPA-free bottle also functions as the blender jar. After blending you can separate it from the base and take it with you.

Separable Double-layer Bottle

Customize your own bottle with your favorite photos.

Easy to Use and Clean

One Button for All

One button is all it takes to fully operate the blender.

High Quality Stainless Steel Blade

The blender blade made of high quality stainless steel is strong and durable.

Easy to Clean

Disassembling for cleaning is quick and easy.

Supplied Accessories

Unit Base
11 Set of Jar and Lid
Detachable Blade Mount



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



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Selected Recipes

Shaved Ice with Red Beans
Black Sticky Rice Milk with Coconut Foam
Grilled Chicken Caesar
Cashew Nut Sweet Soup
Pomegranate Ice Pop
Strawberry Cupcake
Steamed Chinese Yam in Vegetarian Soup
Cabbage with mullet
Baked Stuffed Sea Whelk with pork
Almond Date Ball
Oven Roasted Sparerib with Pineapple
American Ginseng & Honey Tea
Kale Muffins
Fruit Flavoured Chicken Curry
Stewed Chicken Wings with White Wine
Fish and Tofu Soup
Pomegranate Mint Juice
Basic Fish Soup
Ginger Milk Curd
Lamb Potstickers
Pad Thai Noodles with Tamarind and Seafood
Vegetarian Fins in Pumpkin Soup
Dried Fish Maw in Fish Soup
Ginger and Honey Souffle
Stir Fried Shrimps with Mango and Milk
Chilled Sweet Potato Cream Soup
Matcha and Red Bean Crystal Jelly Mooncakes
Mango and Cheese Snow Skin Mooncakes
Baked Sole Fillets with Butter
Tortillas with Tzatziki Sauce
Gum Tragacanth with Apricot Juice
Lemon Souffle
Watermelon Gazpacho
Broccoli Cheese Balls
Corn and Fish Maw Soup
Strawberry Ice Cream with Fresh Fruit
Fried Dace Salad with Salted Black Beans
Crème Brûlée
Golden Threadfin Bream and Papaya Soup
King Snapper and Seafood Soup
Yellow Croaker and Coriander Soup
Salmon and Pumpkin Bisque
Spinach and Cod Bisque
Italian Grilled Pork Belly Rolls with Pesto Sauce
Fungus Soup with Pumpkins and Dried Scallops
Stir Fried Bean Threads with Spicy Minced Pork
Trypauchen Soup with Tomatoes and Potatoes
Choy Sum in Savory Soy Milk Soup
Blended Fish Bisque
Sweetened Cashew Nuts Cream
Grilled Chicken with Herbs
Chinese Cabbage and Pig Lung Soup with Apricot Juice
Pita Bread with Chickpeas and Aubergine Sauce
Cool Basil Lemonade
Grapefruit Cucumber Juice
Italian Pizza
Soursop Icecream
Blueberry Cheesecake
Milky Corn Bisque
Indian Red Shrimp Yellow Rice
Brown Sugar Ginger Tea
Antioxidant Blueberry Juice
Homemade Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich
Grilled Trio Seafood Cake
Mixed Berry Cream Tarlets
Soy Milk Pudding
Lychee Yogurt Ice Lolly
Freshly Ground Sweet Sesame Soup
Sweet Pumpkin Soup
Sweet Potato Blended Soup
Steamed Eggs with Dried Shrimp & Dried Scallop
Shanghainess Salty Soy Milk
Detox Five-Green Juice
Tomato Soup with Seafood & Herbs
Tomato Pesto
Matcha Pancake Christmas Tree with Berries
Dutch Baby Pancake with Ice-cream
Walnut Rice Porridge