One-Touch Food Processing

For All Foods Hard Or Soft

All new German Pool Cordless Mini Chopper is equipped with a 23,000rpm high speed motor and 3 bi-level razor sharp blades(1) to thoroughly chop or blend all sorts of dry, hard(2), moist and soft food, simply tap one button and you can chop herbs, create fancy sauces, dressings, stuffings, jams and even baby food, perfect for small families especially newbie parents!

Chop Food

Prep and process garlics, chilis, onions, nuts, herbs and vegetables for cooking.

Blend Sauces

Mix seasonings or create your own mayonnaise, salsa, guacamole and pesto.

Baby Food

Purée all sorts of hard fruits and vegetables such as carrots and apples for babies.

Fruit Jams

Chop fruits for making homemade jam and desserts without mysterious additives.

3 Bi-level Blades

Mince Thoroughly in 6 Seconds

3 food-grade 304 stainless steel blades placed strategically in two levels, together with 23,000rpm high speed motor make for fast and thorough chopping; short-press 5 seconds for chopping chili, scallion and other herbs, or long-press 10 seconds to mince garlic or puree pumpkin and other vegetables.

Cordless & USB Rechargeable

For Convenient Use
Anytime Anywhere

Built-in 1,500mAh li-ion battery provides up to 50 uses on a single charge, and cordless design gives you the freedom to use it anywhere – kitchen, dinner table, bring along to picnic, BBQ, camping, even bring along on baby outings so you can whip up fresh applesauce anytime!

600g Super Lightweight

Compact Design For Easy Storage

Only 600g light and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, Cordless Mini Chopper won’t hog up your kitchen space, and is convenient to bring along on picnics, to baby outings, or restaurants and parties.

Detachable Design

Hygienic & Easy To Clean

Blade unit, lid and chopping bowl can all be easily detached and rinsed with water, and there is nowhere for food debris to hide. Glass bowl is durable, corrosion-resistant and does not absorb tastes and smells, making it perfect for chopping garlic, chili or other food with strong aromas.

One-Touch Operation

Safe and easy to use; simply press the button to start, and it stops automatically the moment you lift off your finger.

Thoughtful Design

Safety Design

All parts must be properly attached otherwise the blades will not turn, making it very safe to use.

300ml Capacity

Just the right size for chopping herbs, making sauces, blending fruits for making jam and pureeing one portion of baby food.

Anti-Spill Design

Mini Food Processor will not operate unless the lid is tightly capped on, effectively preventing spilling and splashing during use.

Quiet Operation

Mini Food Processor has a low operating decibel, so it won’t disturb your baby’s nap when you are preparing baby food.


USB Cable

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Functions & Features

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What are the differences between Mini Food Processor BLD-M30 and Cordless Mini Chopper BLD-WL45?
BLD-M30 is larger in capacity and needs 13A plug-in while BLD-WL45 is smaller, lighter, and cordless.
What can Cordless Mini Chopper chop and crush?
Various dry, wet, soft, and hard ingredients.
Can Cordless Mini Chopper crush hard food like coffee beans and soy beans?
DO NOT use Cordless Mini Chopper to crush extra hard food.
What food item can Cordless Mini Chopper prepare?
Sauces, fillings, baby food, milkshakes, and seasonings.
Any tips for prolonging the life of the Cordless Mini Chopper?
Short-time operating only (three times only, each time 30 seconds only and 2 minutes apart).

Selected Recipes

Tomato Pesto
Grilled Trio Seafood Cake
Broccoli Cheese Balls
Baked Sole Fillets with Butter
Lamb Potstickers
Pomegranate Ice Pop


(1) Please be careful not to get cut by sharp blades when cleaning or assembling/disassembling the chopper. It is prohibited to start the chopper when blades are not yet assembled firmly or in tilted or upside-down position.

(2) Avoid blending food that is too hard (eg. ice) as it may dull the blades.