Temperature Indicator

Displays Real-Time Water Temperature

Bottle cap has a built-in temperature sensor. Simply turn Smart Vacuum Bottle upside down to allow the water touch the sensor, then tap the touchscreen on the cap and it will instantly display real-time temperature of the water inside, so you won’t have to tentatively test it with your lips. worry about your drink being too hot or too cold.

Cool, Warm or Hot?

All at a Glance

Displays Real-Time Water Temperature

Triple Insulation

Keep Drink At Desired Temperature

Double vacuum design together with stainless steel copper-plated inner coating and silicone seal ring minimize heat transfer, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.


Chill With a Chilled Drink Anytime

Rushing to the convenience store for cool bottled drinks or having your cold drink become tepid is enough to ruin your fantastic summer day. With Smart Vacuum Bottle, your cold drink stays icy cold for hours on end. Chill anywhere and anytime, with your favourite drink being always chilled.


Perfect for Preparing Baby Formula

Warm water is perfect for preparing baby formulae. It allows milk powder to be fully dissolved while it won’t be too hot for the baby.


Your Stove-Free Insulated Food Jar

The strong insulation power of Smart Vacuum Bottle can keep hot drinks piping hot for up to hours, so simply add in your porridge, floral tea or sweet soup ingredients, let it rest for several hours and you can enjoy a hot soothing drink without turning on the stove.


Guaranteed Safe & Healthy

The interior is made of food grade 304 stainless steel for optimum insulation and reliability. BPA-free, it is safe and non-toxic.

Magnetically Attached USB Charger

Fully charged, SVB-245 can last up to 15 days.

Metallic Grey

Exquisite & elegant

Pearl White

Cool & Stylish

Thoughtful Design

Super Lightweight & Travel-Friendly

Weighing only approx. 250g, the bottle is great for daily use or picnics & hiking.

LED Touchscreen Panel

Simply tap the LED screen on the lid, and water temperature and color ring will be instantly displayed.

Stainless Steel Screw Cap

No-spill screw cap design with finely honed grooves is gentle on the lips.

Non-Slip & Wear-Resistant Bottom Pad

Non-slip bottom pad offers cushioning and protects bottle from getting scratched.



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



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