Eliminates 99.9%* Bacteria

Deodorizes Unpleasant Smells

Public facilities are ridden with germs and bacteria; sodium hypochlorite generated by Sterilizing Water Maker can eliminate 99.9%* common bacteria, so 'spray before you touch' to ensure those germs won’t be transferred onto you. Also great for deodorizing sweaty smells on sports gear.
* Test Report: 2020FM17719R01

2 Concentrations For Different Usages

Low Concentration Mode

Sterilize Hands, Utensils & Baby Gear

Low Concentration Mode of approx. 100ppm* is suitable for degrading pesticides on fruits and vegetables, disinfecting hands, and sterilizing baby products, pet beds, kitchen ware, bed linens, etc.

High Concentration Mode

Disinfect Furniture & Upholstery^

High Concentration Mode of approx. 200ppm* is suitable for sterilizing bathroom, floor and hard-to-wash fabrics like curtains, sofas, rugs, etc. Disinfectant will disintegrate in a few days without leaving a residual film behind.

*ppm: mg per liter
^Sodium hypochlorite has bleaching properties, please test on inconspicuous areas for color steadfastness first.

Economical & Easy

Salt+Water+Electrolysis = Eco-Sanitizer

German Pool Sterilizing Water Maker generates sodium hypochlorite with salt and water through electrolysis. Requiring only 2mg of salt and 60ml of water at a time, you can make the most economical and eco-friendly disinfectant in 4 minutes.

Natural & Non-Irritating

No Chemical Additives

Sodium hypochlorite is a natural disinfectant without alcohol, chemical additives or odor, non-irritating and non-drying on the skin, perfectly safe for disinfecting baby gear, toys, pet beds and sterilizing hands.

Light & Compact

Perfect For Disinfecting On The Go

120g bottle fits easily in handbag, backpack, etc., perfect for home, on the go and especially car owners! Simply plug into car charger, and generate a fresh batch of disinfectant in 4 minutes to sterilize car seat, door handle, steering wheel and even carpet to eliminate those nasty germs.

Thoughtful Design

60ml Capacity

The bottle can hold 60 ml of disinfectant, enough for spraying 300 times.

Built-In Atomizer Nozzle

Sterilizing Water Maker comes with an atomizer nozzle for ease of use.

One Touch Easy Operation

Simple one touch on/off and mode selection for user convenience.

USB Powered

Simply plug into any type-C charge port and generate disinfectant anytime, anywhere.


Measuring spoon

USB Type-C Power Cord,

Sterilizing Collection

German Pool Anti-epidemic & Sterilizing Collection products are mostly natural, compact and smart. They protect you from germs and create a virus-free space to secure your health.

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Sterilizing Water Maker

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If the electrolysis function is pressed again by mistake after completion, will the concentration of disinfectant be too high?
The concentration of sterilizing water will increase if multiple electrolysis is carried out.
What is sodium hypochlorite?
Sodium hypochlorite is a disinfectant with similar composition as bleach.
What kind of salt should I use to make natural disinfectant water?
Regular table salt (refined salt) would work.
If the electrolysis button is accidentally pressed, can it only be stopped by unplugging the power cable?
It will not stop until the power cable is unplugged.
Does the temperature of water affects the electrolysis process?
Room temperature tap water or mineral water are recommended.
What is the error value of the concentration after each electrolysis for the same proportion of water and salt?
The concentration will generally be a little higher after each use, as there will be residuals from the previous disinfectant.
Does the ambient temperature have any effect on the electrolytic performance?
Normal room temperature has no effect on the concentration and efficiency of the electrolysis.
Will there be any effect (e.g. change in concentration and efficacy) on the sterilizing water after electrolysis if it is stored under the sun?
No, the disinfectant will not change if it is stored in a sealed state under the sun.
If I want to change the concentration of the disinfectant water, can I add water to dilute it?
It can be diluted with water, thus reducing the concentration.
What kind of water should I use to make natural disinfectant water?
Regular tap water, drinking water or distilled water is fine.