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Extra large 60 x 50 cm bag size, suitable for storing heavy jackets.

  • Maximize Space in Your Luggage

    Travelling abroad always turns into a shopping spree on snacks, cosmetics, souvenir, etc. Do you often end up regretting about suitcase size by the end of your trip? Don't make that mistake again. Vacuum-compress your bulky clothing and towels, and save the valuable space for extra keepsakes that you acquire along the journey.

  • Non-stop Fun At The Beach

    Lounging on a sunny beach is everyone's dream vacation. But don't let sand and water ruin your gadgets and belongings. No matter which type of water sports you are devoted to, never forget to put your valuables such as cell phone, wallet and passport in a vacuum zipper bag, keeping seawater, sand and dust at bay.

  • Great For Storing Thick Clothes
    Great For Storing Thick Clothes

    The storage of thick winter clothes is always a great headache in many households. More than often, thick coats and sweaters take up most of the wardrobe space. Vacuum-storing them not only spare you more space but also keep away moths, mould and moisture, preventing odours as well.

  • Humidity Resistant

    Cameras, lenses and electronic devices are susceptible to oxidation and moisture. Exposure to a hotel room with strong air conditioning is damaging to batteries as well as other parts, as temperature fluctuation between outdoors and hotel room can generate moisture inside the device. Hence you should vacuum-store your devices and keep them away from damp environment using vacuum zipper bags!

  • Longer Freshness Preservation

    Vacuum food storage effectively blocks out water moisture and air and thus deters microorganism and bacteria growth, and slows down oxidation. Preservation period can be prolonged 3 to 5 times compared to normal storage methods. It also prevents food smells from building up in your refrigerator.

  • Perfect Partner for Slow-Cooking

    Fill and seal the vacuum zipper bag that comes with the Vacuum Sealer properly, and press vacuum sealer tip flat against air valve. Then simply put the vacuum zipper bag into the cooker that is filled with water at suitable temperature.

  • Vacuum Marinating and
    Sous Vide Cooking

    Time of marinating process can be significantly shortened under vacuum because this condition allows food to absorb marinade faster and deeper. Vacuum zipper bags are also recommended to be used together with slow cook circulator for the most even distribution of heat while preserving the original flavour of food.


All materials are recognized by FDA and can be used for cooking or infant food storage.

Double Seal

Double zipper closure ensures a tight seal. Textured layer design prevents air bubbles after air is vacuumed out.

Non-return Air Valve

Air can only be exhausted. Non-return air valve keep air from getting into the vacuum zipper bag.


Zipper bags can be washed and used repeatedly.

3 Easy Steps of Vacuum Preservation

3 Easy Steps
of Vacuum Preservation

3 Easy Steps of
Vacuum Preservation

Fill and seal the vacuum zipper bag that comes with the Vacuum Sealer properly.

Press vacuum sealer tip flat against air valve. Press the ON button to remove air from bag.

Remove air for about 8-15 seconds* until bag becomes tight around food.

* Depends on the volume of bag

Running out of vacuum bags?

Running out of vacuum bags?


Vacuum Zipper Bags (10pcs / Standard)
26 x 28 cm (x5)
22 x 34 cm (x5)


Vacuum Zipper Bags (10pcs / XL)
30 x 34 cm (x5)
26 x 40 cm (x5)


Vacuum Zipper Bags (5pcs / XXL)
60 x 50 cm (x5)



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