Remove Greasy Fumes Automatically

Keeping Your Kitchen Fresh

When the cooktop is turned on, Smart Connect range hood will automatically operate; The range hood will continue to operate for 3 minutes after cooktop is turned off to ensure all residual greasy fumes are whipped away.

Smart Connect Combo - Compatible Models:
Smart Connect Super Inverter DC Motor Range Hood

Excess Is Only Wastage

Just Right Is Perfect &
Saves Energy

Overly powerful exhaustion is only a waste of electricity; when the range hood auto-adjusts suction power to optimally match your cooking need, not only does your kitchen stay fumeless, you save energy as well.

Smart Connect Or Manual Operation

All In Your Control

Your range hood and cooktop can operate jointly with Smart Connect or separately. Wave your hand or press any key on your range hood to control it however you like.

Revolutionary Full Design Optimization

Grade 1 Energy Efficiency Label

After a series of revolutionary coil and mainboard redesign, the all new Smart Connect Double Hob Built-in Induction Cooker emerges as an even more energy-saving and eco-friendly cooker, and has been granted Grade 1 Energy Efficiency Certification by HK EMSD. Use in sync with Smart Connect range hood for an ultimate modern eco kitchen.

Strong Cooking Power
Comparable To Gas Hobs

Precise Temperature Control

Combining Rapid Heating with Intelligent Power Adjustment technology, the all new Smart Connect Double Hob Built-in Induction Cooker not only cooks hotter than conventional gas cookers, but is more stable and with more precise temperature control; 2,800W and 10 power levels give you the exact cooking power you desire, from the hottest stir-fry to the softest simmering.

Intelligent Power Sharing

Distributes Power Between 2 Hobs

Left and right hobs share 2,800W output, so you can power stir-fry on one hob while gently stewing on the other, cooking two dishes at the same time.

2 Hour Extended Timer

With Auto Switch-Off

Simply set the countdown timer from 1 to 120 minutes, and let the induction cooker stew on its own, freeing up more me-time for you. When timer is up, the induction cooker will automatically turn off.

Renowned German SCHOTT CERAN®

Heat-Resistant Glass Ceramic

Renowned German-made SCHOTT CERAN® glass ceramic panel is durable and heat-resistant up to 750℃; heat is transmitted only to cookware but not the rest of the glass panel, keeping you safe from burns and scalds. The smooth glass panel is also incredibly chic and easy to clean with simple wipes.


Pan-fry food thoroughly in an instant with even and rapid heating.


Power stir-fry at 2,600W super hot output for truly great Wok-Hei.


With gentle heating and timer, soup is simmered at a constant temperature that tastes rich and outstanding.


Stable power and precise temperature control are the keys to ensure foods are fried crispy without being greasy.


With the timer and gentle heat, tender and tasty casseroles are slow-stewed to perfection.

Compatible with All Ferromagnetic Cookware

The Cooker works with all types of metal pots and pans with electromagnetic induction capability. Use cookware with a flat base for optimal heat transmission.

Stainless Steel
Non-Stick Material
Metal Alloys
Cast Iron

Thoughtful Design

13A Plug-n-Cook

Induction cooker comes with a 13A plug. Simply plug into socket and it’s ready to use.

Multiple Safety Features

When no magnetic induction cookware is detected, or when pot burns dry, the cooker will automatically stop operating.

Advanced Slider Control

Slider control design is chic and easy to use, simply slide your finger along the bar to adjust power or timer.

Child Lock Function

Control panel can be locked, making all keys inoperable, preventing children getting burnt or scalded by accident.

SuperBoost Function

One simple tap lifts the designated hob to the highest power. Ideal for fast heating, especially Chinese-style stir frying.


Note: During installation, make sure there is air inlet and outlet underneath the unit,
and a vertical space of at least 250 mm must be reserved for ventilation and heat dissipation.
Please keep a 90 mm distance between cooktop and wall.

Smart Connect Double-Hob Built-In Induction Cooker Video



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


Can I choose one of the cook hobs to activate Smart Connect function?
No. Both cook hobs will simultaneously activate Smart Connect function.
During installation of the Built-in Induction Cooker, how much space should I reserve for ventilation?
Reserve vertical space of at least 250 mm underneath the unit.
Is it necessary to pair up Smart Connect appliances every time before use?
Not necessary. Pairing sequence is only necessary when using “Smart Connect” for the first time.
Can all German Pool products utilize Smart Connect function?
No. Only Smart Connect products can be paired with each other.
What does display “A - - A” on the Smart Connect induction cooktop mean?
Smart ConnectInduction cooktop display “A - - A” means that pairing is in progress.
Why I cannot use Smart Connect after switching off the cooktop with Smart Connect deactivated?
It will have to be manually activated.
Why can't both hobs of the Induction Cooker be set at high heat at the same time?
Power is automatically distributed between the 2 hobs.
Why does the Induction Cooker show code “HH”?
It means the power is adjusted to the highest.
Why does Induction Cooker keep beeping?
Check whether the pan is suitable for induction cooking and positioned properly.
Is there any particular cookware recommended for Induction cooker?
Metal, ferromagnetic stainless steel and cast iron cookware.
How to remove the grease and stain on my Induction/Infrared Electric Ceramic Cooker?
Remove stains by wiping the surface with polishing wax and a dry cloth.
Induction Cooker stops heating during normal operation. Why?
The temperature of Induction Cooker is too high.
Why does the cooker not work when using cookware indicated “induction cooking available”?
You may try other appropriate cookware.
Can I place the induction cooker against the wall?
No. A certain space should be reserved around the hole in order to facilitate installation and use.
What should I do when the buttons of Induction/Ceramic Cooker don't respond to my push?
Please touch the buttons using the pulp of your finger instead of fingertip.
After one of the hob is turned on to high heat, the other one cannot be turned on. Why?
When one hob is operating to a certain power, the other hob will not have any power.
Does it take a long time for the induction cooker to heat up?
No. It only takes 15 minutes to heat oil up to 220°C.

Selected Recipes

Sweet & Sour Noodles
Pan-fried Glutinous Rice Balls
Pumpkin and Mushroom Risotto
Grill Prawns with Butter and Black Pepper
Spicy Zhenjiang Chicken Wings
Stir-Fried Sticky Rice
Sauteed Prawn & Celery
X.O. Sauce Beef Stir-Fry
Salty Chicken