Remove Greasy Fumes Automatically

Keeping Your Kitchen Fresh

When the cooktop is turned on, Smart Connect range hood will automatically operate; The range hood will continue to operate for 3 minutes after cooktop is turned off to ensure all residual greasy fumes are whipped away.

Smart Connect Combo - Compatible Models:
Smart Connect Double-Hob Built-In Induction Cooker

Excess Is Only Wastage

Just Right Is Perfect &
Saves Energy

Overly powerful exhaustion is only a waste of electricity; when the range hood auto-adjusts suction power to optimally match your cooking need, not only does your kitchen stay fumeless, you save energy as well.

Smart Connect Or Manual Operation

All In Your Control

Your range hood and cooktop can operate jointly with Smart Connect or separately. Wave your hand or press any key on your range hood to control it however you like.

25 Fan Speed Intervals

For All Cooking Needs

For All Cooking Needs

The Smart Connect Range Hood provides ventilation with fan speed from 850 to 2,800 RPM (revolutions per minute) in Turbo Boost mode. Unlike common range hoods with only 3 intervals, this range hood offers supreme control precision to cater for all your cooking needs.

Gesture Control Technology

Contactless Control with Great Convenience

Just wave your hand and the infrared sensor powers the range hood on or off; with this intuitive function, controlling the range hood is simple as hi & bye. No more worries about leaving greasy fingerprints on the range hood!

Auto Fan Speed Adjustment

Constant Ventilation Strength

With the DC inverter digital motor which comes with a two-year warranty, this range hood is more energy-efficient, quiet, stable and durable, compared to ordinary models. When the range hood detects resistance in the air current, in reaction, the fan speed increases automatically. Bends in air pipes and external current might affect the ventilation strength of ordinary range hoods, but not the Digital Inverter Motor Intelligent Range Hood!

Real-time RPM Display

Showing Motor Speed Clearly

With an extra-large touch control glass panel, you need not worry about grease seeping into the space beneath buttons. RDC is an innovative range hood that shows the real-time motor speed, so you can monitor suction power of your range hood more accurately.

Auto-heat Degreasing

No More Dissembling & Scrubbing

After initiating the self-degreasing function, the range hood automatically heats up for 10 minutes to melt the grease accumulated in the collector and the inner body, then expels the grease. No need for any dissembling or washing, and the range hood is always kept sparkly clean!

Thoughtful Design

3-D Ventilation Technology

The current-rectification plate together with 3-D ventilation technology concentrate suction to draw in fume from all directions, so no greasy fume can escape.

6 cm Super Slim Design

With a thickness of only 6 cm, RDC range hood is one of the slimmest and most space-saving range hoods on the market.

LED Lighting

Low-power LED lighting consumes less energy than the quartz lamps of ordinary models.

Stainless Steel Body

Not only does the stainless steel body look chic, it is also extremely durable and easy to clean.

Installation Diagram

Design perfectly integrates the range hood with your modern kitchen.

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