25 Fan Speed Intervals

Highest Speed at 2800 RPM

Highest Speed at 2800 RPM

As one of the most powerful range hood models on the market, the Digital Inverter Motor Intelligent Range Hood features a 24-interval fan speed range: from Level 1 at 850 RPM for prolonged ventilation, to Turbo Boost mode at 2,800+ RPM*. Compared to range hoods with only 3 intervals (high, medium and low), this range hood gives your supreme control precision, boosting both energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

*2,800 RPM is the highest speed under the turbo mode.

Real-time RPM Display

Clearly Shows the Motor Speed

Clearly Shows the Motor Speed

Monitor the real-time operating power with the extra-large LED display. German Pool’s Digital Inverter Motor Intelligent Range Hood is the only range hood model in Hong Kong featuring the revolutionary RPM (Revolutions per minute) display function. It allows users to control the ventilation strength with the highest degree of precision.

Gesture Control Technology

Intuitive System for Maximum Convenience

Intuitive System for
Maximum Convenience

Sudden bursts of greasy fumes are no longer hard to contain! Just wave your hand; the infrared detector knows just what you need, and the range hood will be powered on. When cooking, you can also use the gesture control function to adjust the ventilation strength. With this intuitive function, controlling the range hood mid-cooking really does not have to be clumsy and troublesome.

Auto Fan Speed Adjustment

Constant Ventilation Strength

With the DC inverter digital motor which comes with a two-year warranty, this range hood is more energy-efficient, quiet, stable and durable, compared to ordinary models. When the range hood detects resistance in the air current, in reaction, the fan speed increases automatically 2,800 RPM at max. Bends in the air pipes and external current might affect the ventilation strength of ordinary range hoods, but not the Digital Inverter Motor Intelligent Range Hood!

Auto-heat Degreasing

No More Manual Cleaning

After initiating the self-degreasing function, the range hood automatically heats up for 10 minutes to melt the grease accumulated in the collector and the inner body, then starts ventilating to expel the grease. No need for any dissembling or washing, and the range hood is always kept sparkly clean!

3-D Ventilation Technology

Extracting Fumes from All Directions

Extracting Fumes
from All Directions

The current-rectification plate and 3-D ventilation technology concentrate the strength of the ventilation and increase its scope to speed up the extraction of surrounding fumes. High-heat frying will not leave greasy smell on your clothes or your hair anymore!

Thoughtful Design

Super-slim Build

With a body thickness of only 6cm, this range hood is much more space-saving than other models on the market.

Touch Control Panel

Apart from Gesture Control, you can also power on the range hood and adjust the ventilation strength with the touch panel.

LED Lighting

The equipped low-power LED lighting consumes less energy than the quartz lighting in ordinary range hoods.

Full Stainless Steel Body

Not only does the stainless steel body look chic, it also is extremely durable and easy to clean.

Installation Diagram

Design perfectly integrates the range hood with your modern kitchen.

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