3 cm Ultra Slim Hood

Stylish & Space-Saving

German Pool Ultra Slim Chimney Type Range Hood with inverter motor has a stylish black glass hood that is only 3 cm thin, slimmer and more space-saving than most range hoods on the market, perfect for HK’s modern and small kitchens.

25 Fan Speed Intervals

Highest Speed at 2800+ RPM

Highest Speed at 2800+ RPM

As one of the most powerful range hood models on the market, the Digital Inverter Motor Intelligent Range Hood features a 24-interval fan speed range with an extra Turbo Boost mode, which offers 2800+ RPM* strong power. Compared to range hoods with only 2 intervals (high and low), this range hood gives you supreme control precision, boosting both energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

* 2,800+ RPM is the highest speed under Turbo Boost mode.

Fumes and grease from deep-frying and fiery stir-frying are instantly sucked up, keeping your kitchen fresh and grease-free at all times

Quiet and energy-saving, low-speed suction gently sucks up steam and cooking smells from slow stewing and simmering

Gesture Control Technology

Gesture Control Technology

Intuitive System for Maximum Convenience

Intuitive System for
Maximum Convenience

Sudden bursts of greasy fumes are no longer hard to contain! No need to press any button, simply wave your hand in front of the range hood, and the infrared detector will detect and turn on the range hood to suck up the fumes and grease; turning off the range hood is just as easy, simply wave your hand and it will turn off, saving you the trouble of having to wipe your greasy fingers before controlling the range hood.

Auto Fan Speed Adjustment

Maintains Constant Ventilation Strength

RDS is equipped with a DC inverter digital motor that is more energy-efficient, quiet, stable and durable than conventional range hoods; when there are bends in the air pipes or strong wind outside, suction power of ordinary range hoods will decrease, but RDS will automatically boost suction power up to 2,800+ RPM to maintain strong and even suction, making RDS the perfect range hood for all environments and kitchen designs.

DC inverter digital motor automatically boosts suction power to highest when there are bends in the air pipes or strong wind outside

Auto-heat Degreasing

No More Manual Cleaning

Simply enable Self-Cleaning function, and RDS Range Hood will automatically heat up for 10 minutes to melt any accumulated grease inside the range hood and the oil cup, then start ventilating to expel the grease. No need for any manual dissembling or washing!

3-D Ventilation Technology

Extracting Fumes from All Directions

Extracting Fumes
from All Directions

The current-rectification plate and 3-D ventilation technology concentrate the strength of the ventilation and increase its scope to speed up the extraction of surrounding fumes. High-heat frying will not leave greasy smell on your clothes or your hair anymore!

Thoughtful Design

Super-slim Build

With a hood of only 3 cm thin, RDS range hood is slimmer, more stylish and space-saving than most range hoods on the market.

Touch Control Panel

Aside from Gesture Control, you can also control the range hood by its touchscreen panel, without any button and easy to clean.

LED Lighting

Low-power LED lamp uses less electricity than quartz lighting in ordinary range hoods.

Full Stainless Steel Body

Stainless steel body not only looks chic, it is also extremely durable and easy to clean.

Installation Diagram

Design perfectly integrates the range hood with your modern kitchen.

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