Induction & Ceramic Hybrid

The Best of Both Worlds

All new German Pool Built-in Induction-Ceramic Hybrid Cooker with 14 power levels and a total power output of up to 5,600W works with all sorts of pots and pans. From non-stick woks to cast iron skillets to ceramic pots, you can let your passion for cooking run wild and whip up all sorts of delicious stir-fries and stews.

Induction Hob

2,800W high power electromagnetic induction together with innovative smart power control technology and precision temperature control, GIH-DD38B is more powerful, more stable and heats more evenly than your conventional flame-cooker.

Ceramic Hob

2,800W infrared heat is transmitted from hob to cookware in a vertical direction, and heats up ultra-fast in 3 seconds. Dual heating rings let you adjust the power to fit your cookware and cooking needs, and the infrared ceramic heating system is safe and radiation-free.

Compatible With All Pots & Pans

Infrared ceramic cookhob works with all types of heat-resistant pots and pans regardless of what materials they are made of; from now on you can cook with all sorts of cookware, from stainless steel to clay to cast iron, even glass!

Stainless Steel
Non-Stick Coating
Alloy Metal
Heat-Resistant Glass
Cast Iron

2,800W / 5,600W

Different Wattage to Suit Different Cooking Styles

All new built-in induction-ceramic hybrid double-hob cooker comes in 2 models: 2,800W & 5,600W, both powered with standard 13A plugs (1 x 13A for 2,800W; 2 x 13A for 5,600W). Simply plug in and get ready to cook!

3-hour Advance Pre-set Timer

Simply set your countdown timer from 1-180 minutes, and GIH-DD38B will automatically turn off when the timer runs out, so you won’t have to worry about over-cooking. Perfect for making soups and stews.

German-made SCHOTT CERAN®

Heat-Resistant Ceramic Glass

All new Built-in Induction-Ceramic Hybrid Cooker’s German-made SCHOTT CERAN® ceramic glass is elegant, durable, easy-to-clean and can resist high temperature up to 750°C.

Multiple Safety Features

All new Built-in Induction-Ceramic Hybrid Cooker is equipped with auto-safety systems to prevent overheating and “dry pot” accidents. When left idle for 2 hours, cooker will automatically switch off. It also features extended heat dissipation function and auto switch-off when the voltage fluctuates from the rated voltage.

Thoughtful Designs

New Slide Bar Design

New slide bar is chic and easy to use, simply slide your finger left and right to adjust power or timer.

Child Lock Function

When child lock is activated, control panel is locked and all keys become inoperable, preventing children getting burnt or scalded by accident. Cleaning is also made easier and safer as you won’t have to worry about accidentally turning on the cooktop.

Residual Heat Warning Display

Ceramic cooktop is still hot after cooking, and display panel will show “Hot” to remind user not to accidentally touch the hob.

SuperBoost Function

One simple tap turns the designated hob to the highest power. This highly efficient function is ideal for fast heating, especially Chinese-style stir frying.

Installation Diagram

Note: During installation, make sure there is air inlet and outlet underneath the unit,
and a vertical space of at least 250 mm must be reserved for ventilation and heat dissipation.
Please keep a 90 mm distance between cooktop and wall.

German Pool Built-In Induction-Ceramic Hybrid Cooker



Functions & Features

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During installation of the Built-in Induction Cooker, how much space should I reserve for ventilation?
Reserve vertical space of at least 250 mm underneath the unit.
Why can't both hobs of the Induction Cooker be set at high heat at the same time?
Power is automatically distributed between the 2 hobs.
Why does the Induction Cooker show code “HH”?
It means the power is adjusted to the highest.
Why does Induction Cooker keep beeping?
Check whether the pan is suitable for induction cooking and positioned properly.
Is there any particular cookware recommended for Induction cooker?
Metal, ferromagnetic stainless steel and cast iron cookware.
How to remove the grease and stain on my Induction/Infrared Electric Ceramic Cooker?
Remove stains by wiping the surface with polishing wax and a dry cloth.
Induction Cooker stops heating during normal operation. Why?
The temperature of Induction Cooker is too high.
Why does the cooker not work when using cookware indicated “induction cooking available”?
You may try other appropriate cookware.
Can I place the induction cooker against the wall?
No. A certain space should be reserved around the hole in order to facilitate installation and use.
What should I do when the buttons of Induction/Ceramic Cooker don't respond to my push?
Please touch the buttons using the pulp of your finger instead of fingertip.
After one of the hob is turned on to high heat, the other one cannot be turned on. Why?
When one hob is operating to a certain power, the other hob will not have any power.
Does it take a long time for the induction cooker to heat up?
No. It only takes 15 minutes to heat oil up to 220°C.

Selected Recipes

Sweet & Sour Noodles
Pan-fried Glutinous Rice Balls
Pumpkin and Mushroom Risotto
Grill Prawns with Butter and Black Pepper
Spicy Zhenjiang Chicken Wings
Stir-Fried Sticky Rice
Sauteed Prawn & Celery
X.O. Sauce Beef Stir-Fry
Salty Chicken